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Large and breathable space, give your beloved furry friend a comfortable space, a house of peace of mind. Custom pet carrier bag.

Dongguan Baiyang custom manufacturer is a one of the best custom-made cases and bags factories in China. We are specialized in custom pet bag, such as custom dog backpack, dog tote bag, cat carrier, cat bag and so on. We support OEM and ODM. provide comfortable and funny custom pet bag for dog lovers and cat… Continue reading Baiyan Custom pet bag manufacturer

Tip for selecting and what purposes of backpacks

baiyang custom backpack for outdoor and laptop

What is meant by backpacks?   For a very long time, backpacks have been an integral element of human civilization. Not only do we wear backpacks, but so do the ancient Egyptians, Mayans, Chinese, and others. It is a crucial part of our existence, and there are several reasons why bags pack are necessary for… Continue reading Tip for selecting and what purposes of backpacks

Baiyang – Custom bags manufacturer


When you dive into the range of modern backpacks, it sometimes gets a little uncomfortable. So many models and types, and all “specially designed” and “best suited”. Backpacks for tourism, skiing, cycling … how many are there, and what are the main differences? So, all backpacks can be divided into two large groups:tourist backpacks –… Continue reading TYPES OF BACKPACKS

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