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    tote bags

    Tote vs. Shoulder Bag, What’s the Difference?

    2024.05.31By BYWXadmin

    Hey there, bag enthusiasts! Ever found yourself stuck in the never-ending debate between tote bags and shoulder bags? You’re not alone. These two styles are staples in the world of fashion, but they each have their unique quirks. So, what’s the difference between a tote and a shoulder bag, and how do you choose the… Continue reading Tote vs. Shoulder Bag, What’s the Difference?

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    5 Best Bag & Case Manufacturers Worldwide

    2023.10.11By BYWXadmin

    In today’s fashion industry, high-quality bags or cases play a significant role. They serve not only as a means to carry our essentials but also as a fashion statement, reflecting our style and personality. In this blog post, we will explore the top 5 bag manufacturers worldwide, delving into their rich history, exquisite craftsmanship, and… Continue reading 5 Best Bag & Case Manufacturers Worldwide

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    Discover the Benefits of Customize Bags: Choosing the Right Material for Your Custom Golf, Duffle, Makeup, Beach, Laptop, and Lunch Bags

    customize Bags2023.04.07By CATC2021

    Customize Bags are a popular and practical choice for people of all ages, as they offer a level of personalization and versatility that cannot be found with pre-made bags. When choosing a custom bag, one important consideration is the material that it is made from, as different materials have different properties and benefits. For custom… Continue reading Discover the Benefits of Customize Bags: Choosing the Right Material for Your Custom Golf, Duffle, Makeup, Beach, Laptop, and Lunch Bags

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    The old bag factory

    The Old Bag Factory Gives You More Inspiration

    2022.12.06By CATC2021

    If you want to explore the bags market, but don’t know whether to choose a backpack or a messenger bag. Why not take a look at the suggestions of a professional old bag factory that has been customizing bags for 20 years? Both backpacks and messenger bags are popular fashion items, they have different advantages. So… Continue reading The Old Bag Factory Gives You More Inspiration

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    custom sling bag with your logo

    Custom Printed Messenger Bag Details

    Custom printed messenger bag2022.12.01By CATC2021

    As a custom printed messenger bag factory with a professional design team, we will  comprehensively consider practicality and aesthetics when custom messenger bags. Structure. The structural design of the custom printed messenger bag is the most important. Because it determines the performance of the bag in many aspects such as practicality, durability, comfort and so on.… Continue reading Custom Printed Messenger Bag Details

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    Baiyang – Custom bags manufacturer

    BackpackBACKPACKSBackpacks for schoolbag factorybag manufacturerbag supplierblack backpackcarrying bagclear backpackCustom bagsCustom laptop sleeveCustom luggageLaptop bags for menLaptop bags womenpersonalized laptop bag2021.12.18By hqt

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