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We have more than 15 year' experience to satisfy your EVA cases, Neoprene Sleeve, Bags and Luggage requirements. For more details, take a look for below items!

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Our unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has earned us a great reputation world widely, is a leading global manufacturer of professional EVA case solutions!

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BaiYang Factory is specialized in Custom EVA Cases for a wide range of markets, including consumer electronics, medical supply, outdoor, audio and more. Neoprene sleeves, laptop sleeves, backpacks, drawstring bags and luggages are offered too. All products are manufactured according to ISO 9001 standard and can be passed Reach, RoHS, SGS and other environmental tests.



At BaiYang Factory we have no restraints or limitations when it comes to providing functionality and protection for your products. All options are on the table-any shape, any material combination, any color and any branding options to highlight your brand. Choose us, customize what you need-think, bring you a different cooperation experience!


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