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What is a Luggage manufacturer?

Luggage Manufacturer

A small Luggage manufacturer will do, but on longer or longer journeys, the optimal storage for all things is a suitcase. In it, you can neatly lay out the entire stock of what you need without crushing clothes and accessories.

But if you do not have a bag already purchased, the main question arises – how to make the right choice? All modern suitcases are easy to rough divide into two main categories – plastic and fabric. And in that, in the other category, the prices are very different. Which suitcase is better, plastic or cloth?

It is impossible to answer this question in monosyllables. After all, each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, today we will consider in detail the nuances of each type, and you can make your own choice.

What about fabric suitcases?

If at the word “fabric” you imagined a soft linen bag, then this, of course, is not so. Luggage manufacturers also have a dense frame. But not as durable and tough as the plastic models. However, you shouldn’t think down on textiles. The fabric bags have enough advantages for which users choose them.

What materials are usually made of such travel accessories?

Polyester is one of the most common materials for making textile travel accessories. It is common both for the manufacture of Luggage manufacturers in the business segment and for budget models. This material does not require difficult maintenance, is resistant to fading under the sun, is durable, and has a low weight.

Nylon/polyamide of Luggage manufacturer

This material is usually common for the manufacture of premium luggage. Among the rest of textiles, this combination is the most advantageous – it is distinguished by high strength, resistance to mechanical damage and chemical influences, and moisture resistant.

Polyester Luggage manufacturer.

This combination in the material increases its wear resistance and strength indicators. The blend of nylon and polyester can keep its original appearance for a long time, it is resistant to sunlight and moisture.

You can also find Luggage manufacturers made of leather and eco-leather, tarpaulins, and other materials. Although the above synthetics are considered the most practical and durable.

The size range for fabric and plastic suitcases usually converges. There are three main sizes – S, M, and L. There are also XS and XL suitcases, but the first three are considered the most popular.

As we already said, textile bags have enough advantages, thanks to which they are so often chosen:

Durable material with a sufficiently long service life (subject to the choice of a high-quality suitcase),

Good capacity of Luggage manufacturer,


Often there are additional external pockets, and there are usually more internal pockets than in plastic,

Some models can expand the internal space (the expansion zipper allows you to increase the internal volume by almost a third). This is convenient for those who like to bring home souvenirs and purchases from their trips. For plastic, this number will not work.

Unlike plastic Luggage manufacturers, textiles are not afraid of scratches, bumps, and falls on a hard surface (unless you have fragile things there, of course),

The price is often lower than that of plastic models,

Textile suitcases are usually lighter.

For a train and a trunk of a car, a bus, a fabric option is better. But for air travel, it is better to buy a plastic suitcase.

What is important to pay attention to when choosing a textile suitcase:

The presence of impregnation. Unlike plastic, without proper treatment, the fabric will quickly allow moisture to pass through, and your belongings will be in danger in the rain or from spilled liquids.

The quality of the fabric and accessories. If you want the item to last if possible, you should not choose the cheapest model of Luggage manufacturer.

The size and number of wheels. If we talk about fabric suitcases, then large models here usually come with 4 wheels, and this option is not suitable for everyone. But you can roll it next to you. Suitable for heavy luggage but flat surfaces.

In addition, airlines often have restrictions on the size of a suitcase. But you can also take a large accessory on the train. But suitcases on 2 wheels are easy to roll on almost any surface, which makes them more versatile.

What is good about a plastic suitcase?

The second camp of Luggage manufacturers model is made with plastic. They are no less popular and in demand. In some situations, they even outperform textile models. For example, even with good impregnation of plastic, moisture protection will still be better.

In addition, it is in a plastic suitcase that you will take a business suit in the same ironed form as you folded it.

What plastic suitcases make off:

ABS plastic. This is the first material from which they began to make travel accessories. But today it practically does not occur in its pure form, since it is distinguished by its great weight and fragility.

Polypropylene. Suitcases made of this material are notable for their high strength and rigidity and are perfect for transporting fragile items. This plastic is resistant to various influences, easily tolerates temperature extremes.

Travel accessories made of plastic have an impressive list of advantages.

Luggage Manufacturer 2021

  • Complete with a combination lock it is an excellent anti-theft system.
  • Plastic suitcases today come in dozens of colors.
  • And these are not only plain colors, but also a wide variety of prints for every taste and color.
  • Allows you to save valuable fragile items from damage due to shock absorption.
  • The simplest maintenance. To clean a plastic case from dust, dirt, grease stains, just use a damp cloth or damp cloth.


Luggage manufacturer Durable but flexible enough Luggage manufacturers are made from polycarbonate. The material is lightweight, looks presentable, resistant to wear and tear. A great option for a business trip where you needs to make a good impression, but you do not need to lug a large stock of things



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