Which is the best Carry-on Luggage for fall 2021?

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Do you know a lot of men who have Carry-on Luggage for every look? Or at least a few bags in his wardrobe that he skillfully pairs with outfits? Stylists unanimously say that most men do not know how to choose accessories, and even more so to combine with images. Empire of Bags will solve this problem! Right now, you will find a selection of bags that will emphasize the status of any man.

Carry-on Luggage Briefcase

If you work in an office and often hold business meetings, then you cannot do without a classic portfolio. Fortunately, there are a lot of them now, and even the most demanding representatives of the stronger sex will be able to choose an accessory “to taste”.

The main thing that men value in a portfolio is functionality

The main thing that men value in a portfolio is functionality. Briefcases, as a rule, are compact, while capacious. This accessory will certainly add confidence and style to your look. For those who are not afraid to take risks, "Empire of Carry-on Luggage " recommends staying in a deep blue or walnut color. In order not to miss, choose a black portfolio.

Please note that other leather accessories in the image, such as boots and belts, should be matched to the color of the briefcase.

Clutch of Carry-on Luggage

Man purses from the 90s were replaced by a variety of men's clutches. A universal accessory will suit almost everyone, regardless of age and social status.

The clutch will be appropriate both in a casual urban look and with a strict business suit. Such bags are most convenient for cases when you do not need to take a lot of things with you.

Also, the clutch is indispensable in the "no jacket" look. Small items like keys and your phone will distort your silhouette and create an unkempt appearance.

Most modern models of clutches

As a rule, most modern models of clutches are zipped and have special compartments for all the necessary things. They hold much more useful little things than a regular wallet.

Tablet Carry-on Luggage

An indispensable accessory for those who value free hands - a tablet bag. This model has a long shoulder strap. Such an accessory will successfully complement an informal look, but it will also suit a business suit. One small nuance - you shouldn't choose a tablet Carry-on Luggage from cheap textiles: it will simplify even the most stylish image.

The brown leather option will look advantageous. This model will laconically complement the casual style.

Tthe messenger bag is made for the military

Initially, the messenger bag is made for the military: it is roomy and easy to open. The tablet bag has a large central compartment and several interior pockets

How to choose a bag and a backpack

If you choose between a bag and a backpack, then the latter has two indisputable advantages: spaciousness and convenience. Hands are always free, and everything you need is behind your back: a laptop, books, lunch, and a lot of other important little things. In addition, modern models go well with stylish looks.


Do not use sports or travel backpacks in your daily life. Especially if you work in an office. With suits and jackets, they look, to put it mildly, not harmonious.

If your style of clothing is business, then you should pay attention to leather Carry-on Luggage. A black or brown accessory will perfectly complement your smart-casual style.

Travel Carry-on Luggage

For men who travel frequently, a travel bag will become indispensable in a wardrobe. Today, this accessory, along with clothing, creates the image of the wearer.

Classic trousers and a jacket, jeans, and a light shirt, or maybe a summer light suit? All wardrobe options go well with the bag!

Often a travel bag can replace an entire suitcase. The main thing is to choose it correctly. Inside such a product, there are usually spacious compartments for clothes and special pockets sewn on the sides for convenient placement of small things. Some Carry-on Luggage has a strap that allows them to be carried over the shoulder.

How to choose trendy Carry-on Luggage?

The coming season brings to the arena products made from soft natural wool. Warm and cozy, on a frosty day, they will replace the old sleeve - a favorite accessory of Chinese noblewomen.

In the fall collections, Neoprene bags play in unison with the main clothes, repeating the color of the yarn and the textured pattern of the sweater. Or they play in juicy contrast, complementing the image with a bright accent. It is also nice that in a modern metropolis Neoprene Carry-on Luggage do not need a reason for a special exit.

Moreover, it is fashionable to wear Neoprene bags with a wide variety of types of handles: it is easy to make of wood or plastic, in the form of rings, circles, triangles, ovals. It is also worth taking a closer look at the models,

The collection of bags is complete through a purse.

In the coming season, the designers decided to breathe life into the half-forgotten accessory, which was previously popular in the men's wardrobe, and introduce it into the fashionable women's arsenal.

The stake is made not only on catchy but also on calm models that feel confident in everyday life and do not need laudatory odes. Side by side with semicircular bags with a hard case, reminiscent of a woman's box, serious accessories of a laconic form with functional details are conquering the fashionable space.

Not sure what to choose for your office.

Branded Carry-on Luggage also takes pride of place this season. Such a thing will suit everything: a coat, a jacket, a warm woolen jacket with a trouser suit. The backpack is easy to warm with a down jacket and even a fur coat. As for the model, styles that are unusual for us are in fashion.

These are backpack bags - sacks, rectangular and oval bags, over the shoulder or with a miniature handle that is easy to put on the forearm. Also, pay attention to products with a square bottom. Such models are not only elegant but also very easy to use.


Another unusual trend that sees this year is products made from genuine leather without lining. Such Carry-on Luggage may not be very comfortable to wear, but it will stylishly complement the casual look with jeans and a classic elongated jacket.



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