Top 6 Laptop Cases for hp 14 inch in China

2022-04-12 By hqt

The Best Laptop cases 2022

There are many options for laptop cases for hp 14 inch available; the ideal is to know which one best fits your lifestyle.

Laptop Cases for hp 14 inch

Whether for study or for the office, we have chosen the best backpacks in terms of comfort, appearance, strength and functionality.

How to choose the best laptop case?

A notebook backpack is designed to carry your notebook or laptop in protection and comfort.

There are times when you will use your backpack on trips or to move between study, work and gym, in which case the ideal is that the backpack is resistant and waterproof as well.

Below are some details to consider when it comes to choosing the perfect laptop case.

What to consider when choosing a laptop case?

Notebook compartment

Check that the backpack measurements are compatible with the size of your notebook and make sure it is protected, most backpacks come with a separate compartment for you to carry your notebook and having a padded cover is essential.

The best laptop cases for hp 14 inch are well padded for added protection.


Backpacks for notebooks can also have USB ports to connect a portable power bank charger that will help in the autonomy of your electronic equipment such as cell phones and tablets.

There are also notebook backpacks with wheels that are very useful for travel, they will facilitate transport and are more practical to carry, in addition, with them you don't need to keep the backpack on your back for a long time, being able to carry it with the help of the wheels.

Multiple Pockets and Compartments

A laptop case with multiple pockets and compartments is very useful for carrying some extra belongings.

Some backpacks have compartments big enough for clothes and shoes, and others have a dedicated compartment for sneakers.

Being able to separate smaller items into separate pockets makes the backpack even more convenient.


Some backpacks have security features like keyed or padlocked zippers, hidden compartments, and tear-proof materials.

These backpacks are also called anti-theft backpacks and are designed with a number of features that help prevent thieves from stealing or damaging your backpack while keeping your valuables safe.

Durable material, comfort and waterproof

In addition to the notebook, when taking your personal belongings, the backpack can be a little heavy, choose a backpack with adjustable, resistant and strong padded straps, there are models that offer a padded back, so that no sharp objects are bothering your back while walking by the streets. Therefore, always prefer padded models, which allow greater comfort and facilitate transport.

The level of protection your laptop cases for hp 14 inch offer is one of the most important points. Your notebook needs protection not only from bumps and drops, but also from wet weather.

Some of the best laptop cases on the market are made with waterproof, waterproof material that will protect your laptop from the weather and is easy to clean.

Below are the best laptop cases that we have selected for you, we understand that they should suit your taste, need and lifestyle, but overall, our backpack options allow you to easily move between gym, work, study and occasional travel.

Best laptop cases for hp 14 inch

1- Backpack for Notebook 15.6″ HP Atlantis Black

With a slim design, this backpack is thin and light, ideal for work and study and for those who only want to carry their notebook and a few necessary items.

It has a padded main compartment for laptops up to 15.6 inches and a front pocket with an easy access horizontal zipper.
It also has padded and adjustable straps.

Occasion: Work and Study
Size: 44.5 x 31 x 10 cm
Capacity: 10 L
Material: Polyester
Weight: 460 g

2- Executive Backpack for Notebook 15.6”

The Executive Backpack is perfect for work, every day, gym, college and even travel and outings.

It is a spacious backpack and has the official dimensions to be taken as a carry-on bag on national and international trips.

It has a compartment for your laptop up to 15.6”, front zippered pocket, interior dividers, padded back and padded adjustable straps for comfort, plus a USB port to charge your electronic devices.

Occasion: Work, study and travel
Size: 45 x 32 x 15 cm
Capacity: 30 L
Material: Polyester
Weight: 850 g

3- Laptop case up to 15.6″ hp Pro Black

With a clean design, this backpack is ideal for work and study.

It has several compartments and a padded main compartment for laptop cases for hp 14 inch; it has a front pocket with an easy access horizontal zipper.

Laptop Cases for hp 14 inch 2022

Made of waterproof fabric, it protects your belongings in wet and rainy weather.
The backpack features a padded back and padded adjustable straps.

Occasion: Work and Study
Size: 43.5 x 31 x 16 cm
Capacity: 18 L
Material: Polyester
Weight: 780 g

4- Dell Gaming Notebook Backpack 17.3″


The Dell Gaming Backpack holds laptops up to 17 inches, made with durable waterproof material, the variety of accessory pockets and reflective details ensure this Dell Gaming Backpack is the perfect solution for your everyday life.

It comes with a built-in, easy-to-deploy rain cover that offers extra protection from moisture and can be easily stowed away when not in use.

The inside is a cover to transport your notebook safely.

Its deep pocket fits books and gaming accessories, including headset, has a zippered mesh pocket at the top that makes it easy to store smaller accessories, while multiple accessory pockets and pen slots let you organize your belongings.

Occasion: Work and Study
Size: 49 x 32.5 x 17 cm
Capacity: 23 L
Material: Fabric
Weight: 900 g

15.6″ Black laptop cases for hp 14 inch

The laptop cases for hp 14 inch features 3 ways to carry it: shoulder straps, top hand strap, and carry-on-style front hand strap.

It has waterproof canvas lining on the front, a back compartment for laptops up to 15.6 inches and zippered pockets and compartments for accessories.

It also has an anatomically embossed back that allows for greater ventilation in the back, a strap attached to the shoulder straps for fastening to the chest, when used as backpacks on the back.

Occasion: Work and Study
Size: 45.72 x 33.02 x 15.24 cm
Capacity: 18 L
Material: Polyester
Weight: 960 g

6- Premium Anti-Theft Backpack with Lock for Notebook and Tablet


This anti-theft backpack has a clean, modern design and is ideal for work and travel.

It comes in two colors and is made of waterproof material that repels water.

It features TSA-coded security lock zippers, multiple interior pockets, tablet and laptop compartment with up to 15.6-inch screen, and external USB port with built-in charging cable, providing convenient charging for your electronic devices.

Occasion: Work, study and travel
Size: 46 x 31 x 19 cm
Capacity: 35 L
Material: Polyester
Weight: 900 g

Where to buy best laptop case from China in 2022?

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