What is a neoprene bag? Material & Characteristics

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What is a neoprene bag? Neoprene bags are making their way into the fashion world. But what is it and where are they bought? Let's also see how to make them at home!

What is a neoprene bag

Neoprene is a material comes of synthetic rubbers. It is one of the materials that is becoming more and more popular in the clothing sector. It is common mostly to make bags and accessories, but it is also making its way into the world of haute couture.

1. What is neoprene?

Neoprene is a flexible and porous fabric based on polychloroprene. The fabric appeared by two scientists who were part of the DuPont Company and was first common by surfers. Surfers loved the material for its insulating and repellent power. Neoprene began to take hold more and more among all sportsmen to make uniforms and tracksuits. Still today it is a very common material in the world of professional sport.

What is a neoprene bag? Technically it is a residue of synthetic rubber. It is elastic, resists cuts and crushing. It does not crease precisely because it is rubbery. Moreover, it is insulating and resists water and heat. For such a versatile and useful fabric, the price is really low and you can buy it easily. In addition to being able to buy ready-to-use neoprene bags, you can also make them at home by choosing cut and color.

What is a neoprene bag?

The term “Neoprene” indicates a very particular fabric that can have both applications in the mechanical sector, since it is also common in the automotive sector or to cover some parts of some machinery, but not only.


It can even be common in the field of fashion, given that there are many stylists who have common it for about 20 years, in the production of bags with bright colors and shapes that are flexible but not too flexible, or even for the creation of accessories.

However, it is a material that can also be common in other sectors, thanks to its particular characteristics.

Neoprene: what it is and what it is for?

The original name is neoprene, although some propose to call it "Duprene". To be precise, it was two brothers who invented this particular flexible but super strong fabric. These are the scientists Arnold Colins and Wallace Carothers.

Their invention was not immediately successful, so much so that it took more than 20 years to see a real "boom".

Today this material is common above all for sportswear, a use that it had from the beginning of its appearance. The first time it was common precisely to make the wetsuits of two surfers.

What is a neoprene bag? In addition to the field of fashion, however, it is also common in many other sectors, such as the mechanical, chemical, food and even electrical sectors.

Neoprene can be purchased from special suppliers, such as companies that deal with the design and management of industrial products.

Since it is a material whose use is for professional purposes, it is therefore advisable to purchase it only from suitable suppliers who have the permission, by law, to be able to sell it.

Neoprene: the various characteristics

Neoprene is very special not only because it is very resistant to cuts, abrasions, high or low temperatures, but also because it has certain flexibility.

Soft but thick enough, however, it is difficult for it to be damaged or to receive abrasions. Durable even to the process of deterioration, and most appreciated of all, the fact that it is impermeable to water and even gases.

In addition to this, it is also able to resist flame better, but little to acids. The range related to the temperature of use is very wide, since it ranges from -20 ° C to 100 ° C.

Also noteworthy is the fact that neoprene is able to respond well to UV rays.

What is a neoprene bag? Its versatility makes it one of the most popular elements on the industrial products market, precisely because it is suitable for many different areas.

There are also those who use it to indulge themselves in the combination of particular, lively and very bright colors.

2. Neoprene bags

Neoprene bags are a perfect summer accessory: the “diving” material is in fact the new frontier for summer fashion. The merits of neoprene bags are really very interesting: usually the colors of these bags are bright, the material is difficult to destroy, it is cheap and resembles real leather.

Among the made in China brands that offer this type of bags we find for example  Casebag , decided to start creating bags using the material of the mute. The brand is unisex, the patterns are particular and elaborate and adapt to any occasion.

In fact, among the bags we find models of all sizes. Casebag uses only real neoprene just as it was invented by Dupont in the 1930s, without modifications or alterations. Genuine original neoprene is soft, light and soft yet sturdy and durable. Neoprene bags can support up to 40kg of weight, are very durable and waterproof.

What is a neoprene bag 2022

What is a neoprene bag? Neoprene is not common in fashion only to produce bags. In fact, we can also find backpacks, wallets and clutches on the market.

3. DIY neoprene bags

The bag that is most reproduced using neoprene is the very famous and very expensive Birkin. Of course, not all of us can afford the iconic Jane Birkin -inspired bag; creating a similar one with neoprene is definitely a good fallback.

To make the bag you will need a meter of neoprene, a sewing machine, various chalks and all the accessories you usually use for sewing. Search online for sizes to create a Birkin style bag and choose the size you prefer. Follow the guidelines, cut and sew together the various rectangles you will create.

What is a neoprene bag? Assemble the bag according to your preferences and do the same with the handles: you can give them the shape you prefer. Sew the handles and finally add the classic ribbon that is at the top of the bag.


You can then decorate the bag as you like: many women love to apply studs, ribbons or decorations of various kinds. You can then give free rein to your imagination and shape the bag to your liking. If you know about sewing it will surely be a breeze to make your own DIY neoprene bag.



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