6 Best MacBook pro 13 Laptop Cases in 2022 China

2022-04-12 By hqt

MacBook pro 13 Laptop Cases
The best macbook pro 13 laptop cases are those that protect and transport your laptop with quality and according to your lifestyle.

If you're a casual style, the best laptop bag can probably feature a clean, modern design. Now, if you have a more formal style, the best laptop bag can have traditional shape and materials such as leather, for example.

Notebook bags are functional and are a useful and complementary accessory.  Moreover, it features an elaborate design with the right size for each notebook model that averages from 14 to 17 inches.

Most notebook bags and covers pad to protect the notebook and may contain pockets. In addition, they are very useful for carrying a power supply, mouse or accessories that you will need to use it.

What are the types of macbook pro 13 laptop cases?

There are numerous models of notebook bags of different sizes, materials, models and styles such as:

  • Folders
  • handbags,
  • briefcases and backpacks

These are more suitable for each type of person and use according to preference.


Also known as a case, they are a good option to take the notebook protected inside other bags or suitcases. They are easy to use to store the notebook after use and some models may have handles as well.

Bags with handles

They can carry the notebook in an exclusive independent compartment or have more compartments for accessory items.


They are practical options for laptop bags to carry on the back and usually have a dedicated compartment for the laptop.


They carry the notebook along with other items on trips. Furthermore, it is widely popular among executives.

How to choose macbook pro 13 laptop cases?

To choose the best model of laptop bag there are some considerations as we will see below. Considering the essential features, the best notebook bag is the one to suit your lifestyle.


The first thing to choose macbook pro 13 laptop cases is to find the right bag size to fit your laptop, so it's neither too small nor too big.


The material of the notebook bag is decisive for its durability. Moreover, the most common materials for laptop bags are nylon, leather and canvas.

It is important to note that the bag has reinforced finishes and seams so that they do not open with constant handling.

Another important thing for protection is the padded notebook compartment with a soft touch. Similarly, it will provide protection against scratches and soften impacts.

A waterproof material is one factor that will ensure that your notebook doesn't get splashed with rain when it's out in the open or get wet from possible liquids that are dropped on the bag.

Extra handles of macbook pro 13 laptop cases

Laptop bags, in addition to the hand straps, can have extra handles such as the shoulder strap that can also be used cross-body and the ride handle. Furthermore, this is the handle that can be fitted to the trolley for travel bags.


Extra handles provide greater versatility in use.


Laptop bags can be women's, men's or unisex presenting a more casual or formal style.

Women's have a design with details and colors that convey femininity, while men's laptop bags models generally feature more neutral designs and colors such as black and gray.

Nylon and neoprene bags, most of the time, are more casual and a good choice for students and leather bags have a more formal style and are widely used by executives.

Where to buy macbook pro 13 laptop cases?

MacBook pro 13 laptop cases can be purchased at computer accessories stores, bag and suitcase stores, from casebag China in bulk.

Here's our selection of the best laptop bags to help you make your choice.

Best macbook pro 13 laptop cases

1- Lenovo laptop bag 15.6 inches

This Lenovo laptop bag has a casual style with a modern design for the everyday of students and professionals who are always on the go.

It offers built-in space for up to a 15.6-inch laptop, interior pockets for useful accessories, and a main compartment for books and other items.

Men's Executive Bag for Notebook up to 15 Inch, Black

This black men's macbook pro 13 laptop cases take your equipment safely anywhere.

With compartment and seat belt for notebooks up to 15.6 inches, it is made of nylon and has interior pockets for accessories.

It has a main zipper opening on both sides, which facilitates handling and a shoulder strap with a pad that protects the shoulder for greater comfort.

3- Notebook folder up to 15.4 inches

A good option for students to take the notebook up to 15.6 inches is this 1680D polyester briefcase.

In addition to the notebook, it has a pocket for books and notebooks and pockets for stationery, carrying all the material needed for studies.

Its interior has a padded lining and it also has an adjustable shoulder strap as an option in addition to the hand straps.

Another item to expand the space is the expandable zipper at its base.

4- 17.3 inch water repellent laptop bag

Macbook pro 13 laptop cases, up to 17 inches, has a clean design for carrying your gear on your day to day commitments.

Multifunctional and practical, it carries your notebook with the organized items you need.

It has water-repellent fabric that protects against unforeseen rain and liquid accidents keeping its interior dry and safe and soft fleece lining resistant to friction and impacts.

It has multiple compartments such as the main compartment for the notebook and 2 separate compartments with velcro for ipad, books or Kindle.

On the side, it has 2 pockets to carry accessories such as a fountain, mouse or others.

It has a double metal zipper and a shoulder strap.
MacBook pro 13 Laptop Cases 2022

5- Dell Professional Cover for Notebook up to 14 inches

To carry your laptop up to 14 inches safely against splashes, this waterproof ballistic nylon case is the right choice.

The blue French velvet interior lining accommodates the notebook from scratches, and the exterior zipper makes it easy to quickly access the items you need.

You can use the hitchhiking strap when traveling by attaching it to the luggage trolley and you can use the adjustable shoulder strap for extra comfort.

6- Neoprene Case with Shoulder Strap for Laptop up to 15.6 inches

Casebag briefcase style neoprene macbook pro 13 laptop cases is ideal for your professional appointments and business travel.

It has a padded compartment for a 15.6-inch notebook, is made with a mix of resistant materials, is light and practical.

In addition, it has a document compartment and a front zip pocket for easy access for your cell phone, charger and other necessary accessories.

In addition to the hand straps, it has a shoulder strap.  This makes it more practical for everyday life and a ride handle.



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