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Fashionable models from genuine custom

A custom Bags wholesale are an accessory that every girl should have in her wardrobe. The custom wears well, keeps its shape, does not lose color, and, in addition to all that has been said, it looks expensive and of high quality. If you are thinking of choosing a custom accessory for yourself, let’s figure out which bags you should pay attention to be in trend.

Fashionable woven custom bags

Hobo became one of the most popular types of fashionable handbags made of genuine custom in 2021. This soft product without a frame is shaped like a crescent moon. The handle of the bag can be very different: belt, chain, custom part. Volumetric models are more in demand.

Bags wholesale

After all, you can put a lot of personal items in them. Small handbags are designer highlights that perfectly complement smart ensembles.

Pay attention to the quality of the bag manufacturer

When choosing a wicker Bag wholesale for yourself, pay attention to the quality of its manufacture: after all, this is a guarantee that the accessory will serve you for many years and will become a reliable companion in any situation.

Outwardly, these bags look like a knitted product, but if you look closely, you will notice that the accessory is made of genuine custom. Such a thing will perfectly fit into any wardrobe of a modern lady. The bag can be carried to work, a date, and even to the grocery store.


For the cold season, look for a black, brown, or green handbag. It will go well with outerwear, and it does not matter that you prefer a jacket or a coat.

Popular products made from small pieces

Braided clutches are also in vogue. Moreover, the knitting can be straight, like on a chessboard, or diagonal. Particularly popular Bag wholesale made from small pieces custom connected by metal links. Such a clutch looks luxurious, interesting, and quite intricate.

Look to the woven clutch with furniture made from natural or artificial fur. These products look gorgeous in the business outfits of the autumn period. The bag will add gloss, flirtatiousness, and playfulness to the image, in other words, all those qualities that distinguish a real woman.

What is today’s fashionable custom shoulder bags?

If you are a fan of shoulder bags, then we hasten to draw your attention to handbags. Yes, these accessories are originally considered masculine. But thanks to their spaciousness, wide functionality, and many pockets, ladies began to borrow these accessories more and more often.

Postmen are also in trend today. This accessory has become an integral part of the casual style, where such simple yet elegant additions are appreciated. At the same time, the models, even in the most laconic performance, are devoid of any hints of unisex.

Most favorite bag of youth

If messengers are already a little tired, then pay attention to tablet Bag wholesale. The square or rectangular model is a casual youth option that will perfectly complement any style look. These are, as a rule, rectangular models in which it is convenient to carry a small laptop and a stack of documents.

The trendy colors for this season are deep purple, brown, dark brown, and gray.

Also, a small hobo bag over the shoulder will look very cute and elegant in your fashionable look. These products quite successfully replace a little bored clutch. If you like hobo, then look for a bag with an unusual handle. It can be a chain, woven fabric belt. An excellent representative of this class is the handbag company, Francesco Molinari.

Fringed custom bags.

Appearing and disappearing from the catwalks, the fringe bag trend has not lost its popularity since the 1970s, the time of hippies and natural beauty that evokes the mood of the Wild West, cowboys, and limitless freedom. In 2021, the fringe should be long and very visible.

If your bag is with short noodles, you are not in trend. The fringe is modified on the catwalks every season and never fades away. For a stylish look, look for custom bags with extremely long fringes that sweep the floor.

Choosing a large fashionable custom women bag

Remember, a good quality Bag wholesale is your investment in your wardrobe, so don’t skimp and aim for smart shopping!

What are the trendy shoppers? Today there are models in bright colors: red, orange, blue, or dark green with a minimum number of accessories and other decorations. Experts say that you should avoid sharp decorative details on the bag and even clothing, which can damage the surface of the shopper.

Such bags look stylish and solid, but they are not cheap at all, given the large pieces of natural material involved in the production. The price of the shopper also differs depending on the initial raw material, which is used as the skin of a pig, sheep, deer, goat, and cow.

The touch of these accessories will be different.

Experts recommend wearing patent custom only in summer. She also needs some care. Perforated accessories deserve attention. Another unusual option is embossed custom with different images applied.

Custom totes are also worth a look this year. This is a women’s handbag of predominantly rectangular shape with two handles of small or medium length, for the possibility of carrying it in the hands or on the shoulder. The accessory has good spaciousness and an open top. Tote in the classics does not have additional pockets, except for the central compartment, but today there are a wide variety of options.

Today, tots of bright colors are in trend.

It can be red, deep brown, burgundy. If you are interested, then turn your attention to this product. Bag wholesale of this manufacturer differ in quality, rather an impressive durability, and excellent appearance.

Bags wholesale 2021

You should also pay attention to the totes, decorated with intricate chains in the form of a handle. These products more and more flooded the fashion shows of world brands. And it’s not strange, because with a chain the handbag looks both businesslike and festive at the same time.

A custom bag is always an indicator of taste and status

Since the inception of the reticule was an object of decoration and a marker of the social status of the owner. The more luxurious and skillful the handbag, the higher the position of the lady. Today, a large reticule of an unusual geometric shape has become a fashion statement.

It can be a semicircle, an oval, or something indescribable in words. The reed can complement any outfit evening and casual, skirt and trouser. A festive, luxuriously decorated, the catchy reticule will suit a solemn occasion. Everyday models are more modest, moderate white, gray, black, beige.


This, however, does not exclude the possibility of wearing a bright Bag wholesale – a color spot diversifies the strict style. There is a clear rule here – we select a bright, luxurious, original handbag for a restrained outfit and a simple bag and shoes for a lush outfit. The main thing is that the handbag should please the owner, as it should.



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