Which is the best backpack wholesale in 2022?

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A business man without a bag … does this happen? It’s hard to imagine that, right? It is best when you need to take your phone, keys, wallet and a couple of folders with documents with you. But after all, a backpack wholesale serves not only as a means for carrying things; it is responsible for the status of its owner, making the image complete and harmonious.

backpack wholesale

What should be the bag of a business man, we have already said. Today we will tell you more about one of these accessories.

Which is the best backpack wholesale?

The hit of the backpack wholesale brand is the business bag. This accessory has entered the top of the best-selling Imperia Bags chain of stores over the past 3 months. It is this model that is considered a classic, which is ideal for both a strict business dress code and a less categorical smart-casual.

It is made of soft genuine leather. Grainy, with a smooth natural mesh pattern – everything suggests that the skin is not only natural, but also of high quality. It does not form creases and dents. There is no frame, while the bag keeps its shape perfectly.

Leather Bags are Perfect Option

Genuine leather is a noble material that will suit everyone without exception: men and women, the elderly, even children and teenagers. One of the main features of natural leather is that it ages gracefully and stylishly, and only becomes more attractive with time.

The classic shape with rounded corners is ideal for carrying documents. Business backpack wholesale bag can easily accommodate A4 papers and even a laptop if you have to work outside the office. The standard accessory size for backpack wholesale is 38x6x30.

What features a backpack wholesale offer?

At the same time, there are several roomy pockets inside, including for a laptop. If you plan to carry a gadget with you, then a special compartment for a laptop should be a must. In case of impact or drop of the bag, the laptop will be protected.

The backpack wholesale has foam reinforced laptop compartment and a thick padding on the inside. The bottom of the pocket is also reinforced, which will avoid deformation of the gadget.


Everything about this bag is great, from the minimalist design to the zippers. Backpack wholesale does not catch the eye and does not distract attention from the accessory itself.

The beauty of the fittings is undoubtedly important, but the first thing we pay attention to is the quality of the zippers, fasteners and carabineers. After all, it depends on them how long the accessory will last us.

With this bag, even for work, even on a business trip

Backpack wholesale without exaggeration, one of the most comfortable bags. Well, judge for you: the hands are always free.

The load is evenly distributed over the back. In winter, when the backpack is on your back, it is not necessary to get your hands out of your pockets. We are sure that no man can do without a backpack this winter. Meet the selection of men’s urban backpacks from Bag Empire.

It is desirable that the volume of a city backpack does not exceed 30 liters. Otherwise it will be bulky and uncomfortable. Of course, it all depends on personal preferences and needs, but an accessory with a volume of 15–30 liters is enough for comfortable everyday life.

Models of men’s backpacks

The classic backpack wholesale is a model of a very simple standard rectangular shape. The accessory usually has two adjustable shoulder straps.

It can have plenty of pockets, but the main compartment is large enough to hold A4 documents or even a laptop. In such a backpack, you can carry weights, because most often the design is equipped with belts for the thoracic and lumbar regions.

A sling backpack is a small accessory that is worn on one shoulder. It has a triangular shape and a volume, usually not exceeding 20 liters.

A briefcase backpack is the best choice for business men. A model that turns from a backpack into a briefcase in a minute will perfectly complement the office look. Such models are made, as a rule, from leather or its substitute.

Roll-top backpack – for those who are tired of the classics

The unusual shape of the top distinguishes it from all other backpack wholesale. Such models, as a rule, are made of dense textiles. Roll-top backpack offers a minimum of pockets and the ability to adjust the volume due to the folded top valve. The backpack is ideal for urban conditions and for cycling in nature.

 “Overpay” for a brand?

Which brand of backpack to choose is an equally important question? You can, of course, buy a backpack on the market, but you can’t be sure that it will last a long time.

After all, it is the quality of the product that is responsible for the reputation of the brand. Take a closer look at already known labels; you may have had backpacks that have lasted for many years. Or take a look at our selection.
backpack wholesale 2022

Backpack wholesale

Backpack wholesale produces accessories exclusively from genuine leather. The quality of materials meets European standards. Models are distinguished not only by high wear resistance, but also by laconic design.

This name is relatively new in the world of leather goods. However, this does not mean that the products do not deserve attention. Backpacks made of genuine and artificial leather will delight connoisseurs of the classics.

The main part of bags and backpacks is made of textile materials: nylon and polyester. Backpack wholesale offers youthful design, individuality and reliability.

Backpack for Adults

The backpacks offer a unique design and style. The popularity of backpack wholesale is due to the clear and well-coordinated work of designers who respond to any changes in the fashion world. All products are made of high quality eco-leather and textiles.

Among men’s accessories, a business bag takes pride of place. But what comes to mind when you hear the phrase “business bag”? Of course, a classic men’s briefcase!

We hasten to dissuade you: there are many models of bags with which you can go to the office. And besides, those accessories with which you can go on a business trip are also considered a business bag. Today “casesbag” have shared with you how not to get lost in the names and choose the right bag.



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