How to choose the right custom totes?

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There are always questions that we cannot answer unambiguously. After all, the answer will depend on the circumstances. For example, the question is what is better to take on a trip – a backpack, a totes or custom totes?

custom totes

If you are going to the mountains, then we will definitely note that totes will be superfluous here. And on a trip to the sea coast, a tote is more suitable, which you just leave in your room, and you won’t carry it with you all the way.

Therefore, we will not arrange a fight for the best option for a road accessory. It would be more logical to consider under what conditions which option would be more convenient and appropriate.

Custom totes and its advantages

The history of the backpack has more than one century, even prehistoric people came up with a variation of the custom totes, which will help distribute the weight of the luggage over the entire back and free your hands. This is one of the main advantages of the backpack. There are many varieties of this accessory:

Tourist and mountaineering

In general, you can find an option for every taste and color. If a hike awaits you on your trip, of course, it would be right to pack a tourist backpack, and not drag a totes through the forest. And if you are going to another city for an excursion for one or two days, it is better to choose a comfortable city ​​backpack that you don’t have to carry with you.

In size, totes can be from 1-2 liters (small options for a wallet and a bottle of water) to 120 or more (camping tourist models). Among modern travel materials, oxford, nylon and cordura are ideal. Usually they come with moisture impregnation, are light in weight and have a good margin of safety.

Buy tourist custom totes

Tourist custom totes usually have an anatomical back and often a dense frame, waist belt. This allows you to correctly distribute the load across the back. For one-day trips, small totes of 50 liters are suitable, for a couple of days it’s worth taking 75 liters, and if you plan a long trip, all 120 will not be superfluous.

For the city, totes can be just soft, or they can be with a soft frame, here it’s better to choose according to your taste and comfort. The optimal size for city walks and excursions is 20-30 liters. In such a volume, a camera, a spare sweatshirt, a bottle of water, a wallet and other little things will fit perfectly.

custom totes 2022

You can combine a totes and a backpack if you plan to travel for several days with accommodation in one place.

You leave your totes in the room with all your belongings, and with a small backpack you explore new places lightly.

Custom totes – how much in this word?

The totes also have a long history and are full of interesting facts. It is one of the most sought after travel accessories today. Of course, and it exists in various variations

First, we are talking about sizes (let’s look at the most popular ones):

  1. S is a compact totes that can be carried in hand luggage.
  2. M – medium-sized totes from 19 to 24 inches.
  3. L – large totes measuring 25-28 inches.

The last two categories are handed over only in luggage. Keep this in mind when choosing custom totes. If you have a short trip for one, maximum two days, it is quite possible to get by with hand luggage. You plan to stay longer, for several people, and even with children, then only large totes.


About materials of custom totes:

  • Plastic (one of the most popular options, ideal for air travel),
  • Textiles (the lightest in weight, with external pockets, but not so protected from external influences),
  • Metal (the heaviest, but at the same time the safest and most expensive totes models).

Experienced travelers are advised not to choose the largest models, as they can cause inconvenience both on the trip and on the plane. For a trip by a private car, choose the dimensions for you personally, taking into account the format of the trip and the size of your transport.

Which is better: a totes or a bag on wheels? It is impossible to answer the question unambiguously, because both the first and the second have their advantages.

How to choose the right custom totes?

The right custom totes, in principle, will be a faithful companion on any trip. You are planning an outdoor activity. In addition, plastic and metal totes are ideal for transporting fragile items. Neither a travel bag nor a backpack will help protect your valuables on the road.

You plan to check in luggage at the airport. The attitude of loaders to the things of passengers has not been a secret for a long time.

Bag and its nuances

Travel bag enjoys no less sympathy from travelers. Usually it is a soft travel accessory without a rigid frame. It has a shoulder strap and carrying handles. There are trolley bags on wheels, similar in appearance to custom totes. They can be both carried in the hands and rolled on a pair of recessed wheels on the floor.

Bag on wheels or totes on wheels! Bags are usually more compact in size. So if you have a short business trip, a short sports trip by bus or train, then you should opt for a bag.

Bags have a soft body, and thanks to this, you can put a lot of things in it. But it should be noted that all ironed things in them immediately take on an untidy look. So if you plan to take dresses or suits that require careful transportation, a wheeled bag is definitely not suitable.

Material of custom totes

Its density is provided by special dense inserts.

As for materials, custom totes usually come of textiles, leather. Naturally, branded leather models are expensive, and leather is more demanding on care and use. Good impregnated textiles will easily survive a light rain, but a leather accessory is not a fact.

When choosing a bag on wheels, choose options where the wheels themselves will be as far away as possible to the edges.



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