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2022-12-06 By CATC2021

If you want to explore the bags market, but don’t know whether to choose a backpack or a messenger bag. Why not take a look at the suggestions of a professional old bag factory that has been customizing bags for 20 years?

Both backpacks and messenger bags are popular fashion items, they have different advantages. So let’s talk.


Advantages of backpacks

  • Lighten the burden of short trips

It can be carried on both shoulders, which is very convenient for carrying heavy objects. It is easier to carry heavy bags on two shoulders than on one shoulder. Carrying on both shoulders will not easily feel tired for a while, which is relatively labor-saving.

  • Pack a lot of things

Custom backpacks can hold many things, and many functional pockets can be customized. Custom backpacks with main pockets, side pockets, privacy security pockets, and mesh pockets are the star products of our old bag factory. A backpack that can be sorted and stored in detail, it is very convenient whether it is traveling or going to school.

  • Can be used as a storage bag

Backpacks generally have more space than messenger bags. When you don't need a backpack to travel, you can place and store a lot of things and use it as a mobile locker. Men with a lot of loose items really like to use their backpacks this way.

transparent backpack school bag Backpack
Backpack Backpack Backpack



Advantages of messenger bags

  • The front line of fashion trends

Messenger bags are more fashionable and trendy. Wearing a messenger bag will feel more convenient and stylish than a backpack. Many young people who like to travel light and pursue fashion are always more willing to carry a messenger bag in their daily life. This allows them to carry mobile phones, earphones, keys, wallets and other items more stylishly and easily.

  • Messenger bag is smarter and more convenient

Messenger bags vary in size, and the small ones are convenient for going out. You can carry it with you, put some wallet and mobile phone, very convenient. On the other hand, there are many ways to carry it. The custom messenger bag can be worn cross-body on the back, across the chest, or as a fanny pack and shoulder bag. This can largely meet the carrying habits and fashion pursuits of different people.

  • The large messenger bag can hold long items

The bigger and longer messenger bag can accommodate some longer items that cannot be put into the backpack, which is very convenient and perfect. Slender items can be put into the messenger bag, so you can travel easily without using a large backpack.

  • Can be suitable for office

When you go to work every day, only need to carry a few small items, such as mobile phones, wallets and keys, and carrying a backpack is not very attractive. Then it is very suitable to carry a small messenger bag, and it will not be rejected by others, it is better than carrying it in the bag.

Messenger bag Custom chest shoulder bag Custom transparent bag
Custom Sling Bags Custom sling bag Custom messenger bag


View Our Old Bag Factory and Custom Your Own Bags

Whether it is a backpack or a messenger bag, as a professional old bag factory, we will consider practicality comprehensively when customizing the production of bags.

First, messenger bags and chest bags should not be too large, and small and exquisite are better. Because we choose messenger bags for easy travel. Carrying a large bag, especially a vertically long bag, will make you look short and inconvenient to travel.

Second, the custom bag should not be too thick, otherwise it will look like a big butt protruding from the back, and the back looks like a big belly in the front, which lacks aesthetic feeling.

Third, the position of the bag cannot be carried too high, otherwise it will be like a bus conductor. It can't be too low, and it's inconvenient to walk in large strides. So we use adjustable shoulder straps, so that people of different body shapes can put the bag in the right position. Also, a suitable cross-body bag is the kind of thin cross-body bag that is worn by the side. With the right size and just the right height, so that it can be comfortably held in the arms by hand.



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