5 Best Types of Neoprene Lunch Bags 2021

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Healthy lunch box: check out 5 tips to build one

Neoprene Lunch Bags

A healthy neoprene lunch bag is synonymous with a balanced diet. Concerned moms and dads take an important step in instilling good habits in their children. In the week’s routine, they need to organize and plan the foods that will be consumed at the school. How to build a healthy lunch box? Check out our 5 valuable tips!

Involve the little one in the assembly

Children are curious. Surely they will ask you, in their own way, about the food and the assembly of this healthy lunch box. The best way to make them understand the importance of food is to explain the benefits of each food. This includes taking them to the supermarket or the market to choose what will be part of the week’s snacks.

In addition to this practical experience, it is worth presenting neoprene lunch bag. You can propose that they assemble the lunch box within the healthy options. Thus, they learn to be autonomous and to make good food choices.

Another good tip is to always talk to the little ones, without underestimating their ability to understand the dialogue.

Plan the healthy neoprene lunch bag

Healthy eating also avoids food monotony. For this to be possible, moms and dads must plan their children’s snacks in advance. Think of a weekly menu, considering:

Food groups: separate a source of protein or dairy, fresh vegetable or fruit, a carbohydrate and a drink to hydrate;

  • The child’s age, since each age group has different caloric and nutritional needs;
  • The meal she eats before going to school (breakfast or lunch);
  • Period in which the child studies (morning or afternoon);
  • The intensity of physical activities;
  • Possible food allergies;
  • The temperature of the day

Insert new foods in neoprene lunch bag

Nutritionists point out that the time to build a healthy neoprene lunch bags is perfect for introducing children to different foods. In many cases, they are already willing to expand their look and taste, with more acceptances to try different flavors.

For the most difficult little ones, a good tip to introduce new foods is to abuse your creativity. There are already fun molds for cutting fruits, breads and other foods. With an attractive presentation, it’s easier to insert these flavors.

Prefer natural foods

A healthy neoprene lunch bag tries to cover food groups as naturally as possible. After all, sugar, preservatives and fat, very present in industrialized products, do not add much to health.

Therefore, moms and dads should opt for breads, cakes or whole grains, rice or corn, multigrain. They’re healthier than white breads, stuffed biscuits and snacks. As for beverages, natural juices prevail over boxed juices, chocolate drinks and soft drinks.

In the same sense, when putting fruit in a healthy lunch box, try to explore as much as possible the organic options, free of pesticides and other substances.

Avoid some foods in neoprene lunch bag

Neoprene Lunch Bags 2021

Considering the preference for natural foods, when setting up your children’s healthy lunch box, avoid anything that has no nutritional value. It is common that dads and moms are always on the run and choose the most practical foods, which are usually industrialized. To avoid this “temptation”, it is best not to have them at home.

It is important to keep in mind that no food is prohibited. Explain this to the children, saying that there are times when these foods can be eaten, such as on weekends and at parties.

On a daily basis, try to avoid:

  • Sweets with an excess of dyes and chemical additives (lollipops, candies, jelly beans, etc.);
  • Industrialized beverages (soft drinks and boxed juices);
  • Sausages in excess (salami, ham or turkey breast);
  • Ultra-processed and industrialized foods;
  • Diet or light products;
  • Fast food.

With these 5 tips to build a healthy neoprene lunch bags, you can convey to the little ones the importance of healthy eating in their daily lives, without prohibitions and with a conscience. But always remember that example is the best way. It’s no use setting up a super snack for the kids if you don’t adopt the same behavior.

Types of neoprene lunch bag:

Rigid Plastic: They are older and do not keep refrigerated food very well: Choose foods that the child likes and is used to eating, making the lunch box an extension of food at home.

Thermal: They are usually made of fabrics and lined with thermal material, which facilitates the conservation of refrigerated food:

Thermal with ice: Made of fabric or neoprene, lined with thermal material, they have an internal compartment with ice. They are the ones that best preserve perishable foods.

Complete: Comes with food pot and beverage bottle. It may or may not be thermal.

Tips for preparing the neoprene lunch bag:

If it’s a thermal neoprene lunch bags, leave it in the fridge the night before, so the bag keeps the food temperature longer;

Sanitize the lunch box daily, thus avoiding the accumulation of food scraps and unpleasant odors;

It is important to involve your child in the lunchbox assembly process, ask for their opinion and help to awaken interest in healthy and balanced eating;

Seasonal fruits have fewer pesticides and are usually cheaper. Prefer those that can be consumed with the peel or easy to peel (such as bananas) because most of them lose vitamins and oxidize (get a dark appearance) when cut. Fruits and vegetables are important because they are nutritious and their colors make the snack more attractive and fun;

Summary neoprene lunch bag

To vary the beverage options, fresh mineral water helps to create the habit of drinking plenty of water throughout the day, and coconut water can be a good alternative to juices;

The ideal is to prepare the natural juice when leaving the house. In the absence of time to prepare, a tip is to freeze the liquid in ice cube trays and, when organizing the neoprene lunch bag, place the cubes in the child’s thermos bottle. The drink will gradually defrost until snack time. The juice can be stored for months in the freezer.



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