Which are best Custom bags for spring in 2021?

2021-11-12 By hqt

Introduction of Custom bags

The practicality and storage space of the Custom bags are also important. In addition, great importance should be attached to the fact that the bag fits the type, because nobody wants to go to the office with a bag that is practical but does not appeal to everyone.

Choice of a nice and practical Custom bags

To do this, we not only try to be on time and avoid mistakes, but of course we also want to shine with a well-groomed, style-conscious exterior. A chic business outfit does not only include a blouse and shirt, but also the choice of a nice and practical bag for the office is important. When choosing, you don't just have to pay attention to the appearance of the bag.

So that that doesn't happen, we are now introducing you to some very popular business Custom bags for women and men, with which you are guaranteed to show the best of yourself in front of boss and colleagues!

Custom bags

Businesswomen - women business Custom bags made of leather

Many of the business bags on the market are much too bulky and not very feminine. But that doesn't have to be the case, there are also beautiful leather laptop bags that are specially designed for women. Because let's be honest, the era of business men is over and women also need a practical bag for work.

Of course, it doesn't just have to be practical; it also must be feminine and beautiful so that it is easy to combine with all office outfits. For the latter, it makes sense to choose a laptop Custom bags in brown or black, because these two simple colors are easy to combine with all outfits and guaranteed no outfit flops.

Color selection of Custom Bags

Once the color selection is complete, it is now important to choose the right model in the right size. If you don't need so much for the office, but are looking for a stylish bag to transport your laptop, a slim laptop bag like the laptop bag made of black smooth leather makes sense.

Here you can store your laptop and small essentials, such as a wallet and keys can be safely stowed and transported. But mostly that's not enough. For example, if you go shopping after work or meet friends for dinner, a bag with more storage space, such as the brown GRACE laptop Custom bags made of natural leather, makes sense.

Where we can use custom bags?

 In addition to a laptop and the like, there is also space for a few groceries for dinner or an additional jacket.

 It looks like an ordinary handbag but is a real business bag in which you can find everything quickly. Thanks to the three separate large compartments, laptops, personal items and important documents can be packed neatly and transported in a practical way.

Businessmen - men's business bags made of leather

Big or small, wide or slim, made of leather or fabric, there are office bags for men in abundance. Finding the right bag from the large selection, which is not only high-quality and practical, but also fits the type and becomes a loyal companion for everyday office life, is not that easy! Finding a leather shoulder Custom bags for men doesn't have to be that difficult.

The messenger bag SPENCER, for example, is a classic. The all-round talent is available in different types of leather, colors and sizes. Depending on requirements and taste, this model is a good choice for every business man. All SPENCER messenger bags made of leather have an integrated laptop compartment and enough space for a folder and personal items.

High-quality business Custom bags

 For those who want something special, there are of course other high-quality business bags for men that can meet all criteria. The black briefcase BRISTOL made of beautiful saddle leather, for example. This stylish leather briefcase for men offers enough space for everything important and with the accompanying shoulder strap it becomes a chic shoulder Custom bags for men made of leather.

The RYAN laptop bag made of beautiful cognac-colored natural leather is also very popular with business men. The special thing about the laptop bag for men is the front compartment where pens, index cards and cell phones can be stowed away and are quickly at hand when they are needed. Another highlight of the bag is intended for business travelers.

Custom bags 2021

 Two zippers of Custom bags

Two zippers on the back of the bag make it possible to attach the Custom bags to the telescopic rod of the case or to place it on the case so that it does not have to be carried separately.

Shoulder bags for active business women and men

Anyone who likes to cycle to work needs a bag that does not interfere with cycling. There are two ways to do this. Either the bag has to be carried on the back or it has to be attached to the bike. Both bags look or are chic business Custom bags, but they have special capabilities.

Materials and the design of the Custom bags

The backpack was already used in the Stone Age. At least an early predecessor model made of wooden rods, which at that time looked a little different than today's practical companions made of leather, canvas, cotton and Co. Even if the materials and the design of the backpacks have changed over the years, the advantages of the backpack remain the same.

A backpack allows you to always have everything you need with you. Because you carry the rucksack on your back, the weight of your luggage is distributed on both shoulders, you do not suffer from unilateral back pain, and above all: you have your hands free!

different shapes, colors and materials

So, it's no wonder that the practical all-rounders are now available in many different shapes, colors and materials. The backpack is not only suitable for school or hiking, it can also be a great fashion accessory. So that you can get a better overview of the different functions and types of backpacks, we would like to introduce you to our six most popular leather backpacks.


City backpacks are the perfect leather backpacks for women. The smaller backpack models are the fashionable alternative to Custom bags and the perfect accessory for almost every outfit. For example, the brown backpack, which is exactly the right size for a stroll through town with your girlfriend?



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