5 Best Custom Sling Bags to Buy in 2022

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A custom sling bag for a man is not only an accessory. First of all, it is a functional thing, without which the representative of the stronger sex cannot do. Modern models are so adapted to the needs of men that there is a compartment and a pocket for every little thing. But first, let's decide what a business men's bag should be?

Custom Sling Bags

For many years, experts have been sewing various men's bags. During this time, an impressive number of models and names have appeared. Sling bags include:

  • briefcase
  • tablet bag
  • diplomat
  • folder bags
  • handbags .

Yes, we were right about the latter. On a business trip, the bag will be the best companion, because you will have to carry a lot with you. Folder bags are not suitable for these purposes. The bag will be an ideal option for storing documents. For A4 papers, models such as a custom sling bag and a tablet bag are also suitable.

This bag will perfectly complement a business suit and will be appropriate if you don’t want to part with your favorite gadget, because a medium-sized laptop can easily fit in it.

The Quality of custom sling bag

Of course, a bag made of genuine leather will be a win-win option. It is this material that cannot look cheap; it is considered the highest quality and durable.

The modern market offers wonderful models made of artificial leather. In addition, not only the material plays a decisive role in this matter. Smooth seams, quality fittings are also responsible for the durability of the bag and its appearance.

Color matters

You can experiment with color if you wish. If you are tired of black, look at dark blue or brown. But do not rush to change everything radically. A sling bag can be chic, but not flashy!

In the warm season, pay attention to light colors: terracotta, cognac, sand. But do not forget that a custom sling bag should not only fit into the dress code, but also match the color of the shoes and belt.

Classification of sling bags

To make it easier to decide, we classify bags by features:

  • model - diplomat, briefcase, bag, tablet, folder;
  • color - restrained natural range;
  • size - large, small, medium;
  • type of wearing - on the shoulder, in the hand, on the wrist;
  • material - natural or artificial leather;
  • style - classic, casual;
  • purpose - for documents, laptop, tablet.

A custom sling bag is a practical and wear-resistant product that needs proper care. Any leather model will last much longer and look perfect throughout its life if it has been properly cared for. Over time, this material can fade, get dirty, and rub off in certain places, so the process of cleaning it must be approached very responsibly and correctly.

Cleaning custom sling bag - General Tips

Custom Sling Bags 2022

There may be greasy stains on the bag, contamination in the form of splashes from passing vehicles. These products are used in dusty, dirty conditions, so such products need periodic wiping. Correctly this procedure should be performed as follows.

Have to take:

  • baby soap
  • fine grater
  • steep boiling water
  • ammonia
  • bandage

Soap grated on a fine grater should be poured with boiling water and wait 10 minutes. The soap should completely dissolve. After that, it is necessary to add 2 ml of ammonia to the resulting suspension and mix. It is necessary to fold the bandage several times, wet it with a solution, wring it out slightly and gently wipe the places with dirt.

Which is the best thing to clean custom sling bag?

After that, you need to easily walk through the contaminated places with a damp sponge, so that there are no streaks left. Next, you need to wipe the treated product with a cloth that does not have a pile.

If possible, you can use cosmetics that are designed for eye care. It has a more gentle composition than other means. It is necessary to abandon products that have a lot of alcohol in their composition.

On the outside of the bag during its use, scratches, worn places, creases may appear. It is impossible to hide them completely, but you can use decorative overlays or rhinestones for this. To do this, you can buy softening cream in a leather goods store, choosing the most suitable color for the custom sling bag. In order for the process to be as successful as possible, you need to test the purchased cream on a separate piece of skin before using it on the bag.

What material we can choose to clean bags?

Thanks to the cream, the leather will become matte, if you want it to shine, you will need to rub it with a shimmering sponge, which is usually used for cleaning shoes. It is important to use emollient-type compounds to avoid the appearance of cracks and creases.

Leather bags need special care in summer and winter. In order for them to retain their attractive appearance and elasticity for as long as possible, as well as for its visual renewal, it is necessary to grind it with liquid glycerin.

To do this, apply a small amount of the product on a cosmetic cotton pad, and wipe the entire surface of custom sling bag, wait 30 minutes. After that, polish the surface with a soft, lint-free cloth. If you don't have glycerin, you can use:

  • petrolatum
  • Castor oil
  • oily hand cream, fragrance-free.
  • Use these products in the same way as glycerin.

Wipe Surface of the Bag Gently

When applying a tint cream or softening composition, you need to monitor its amount. The skin can only absorb a small amount of product. Anything it cannot accept will dry out and turn into unattractive streaks or blemishes.

If, nevertheless, an excessive amount of the custom sling bag t has got on the skin, you need to take olive oil, apply it on a cotton pad and wipe these places several times. Next, you need to treat the surface with a lint-free cloth.

Cleaning the lining of a leather bag

To wash the lining, you need to prepare a soap solution, for this you need to mix:

If the leather bag inside gets dirty while traveling, you can use simple antibacterial wipes to clean it. They rub the contaminated places several times and dry.

How to remove spots on the surface of custom sling bag?

You can remove spots on the skin at home using one of the simple universal methods. For these purposes, you can use talc or chalk.

Grapefruit is an excellent stain remover. You need to squeeze some juice onto a cotton swab and wipe the stain. In case of severe contamination, lemon juice in the same amount should be added to grapefruit juice.

Before using this solution, you need to test it on a separate piece of skin. Lemon may leave a bleached stain after using it. After removing the stain of dirt, you need to wipe the bag with a damp cloth.



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