2022 Top Backpack Maker in China

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2022 Top Backpack Maker in China
The bag is an essential accessory for women. We use it to carry our belongings wherever we go. Whether it's a larger model for everyday use or a smaller one for a night out, the bag is a must-have item. Let’s have a look at Top backpack maker in china.

Gucci: Top backpack maker in china

The Gucci brand was founded by Italian Guccio Gucci in Florence in 1921.

She worked as a Maitrê at the famous Savoy hotel in London at the turn of the 19th century. In 1921, she returned to Florence and opened her first shop, using all the savings she had saved while working in London. The brand gained great notoriety in Florence's high society and became a huge phenomenon and a great success.

Today, the Top backpack maker in china is still a reference in handbags, travel items, clothing and luxury accessories. Its products are objects of desire and greed for many.

One of the brand's most iconic and successful models is the Bamboo Bag. Bamboo detail has also been incorporated into numerous Gucci models.

Another model that is one of the brand's biggest successes is the Soho Disco Bag. The model has a tassel closure and the brand's logo on the front and is made of leather and is available in different colors.

3. Chanel Top backpack maker in china

The path to success was not easy. Chanel had to face the sexist society of the 20th century and a mentality where women didn't have much space in society.

In addition to clothing, Chanel has become well known for its classic and sophisticated bags. One of the brand's most iconic and most successful models is the Chanel Classic Flap.

Another iconic model from the house is the Chanel Boy. The model that was released in the Pre-Fall 2012 collection has become one of the most iconic and successful.

  1. Christian Dior

The Christian Dior brand was founded by Frenchman Christian Dior in 1946.

In 1935, after recovering from an illness, Christian began drawing sketches for the newspaper Figaro Illustre, which published them in the haute couture section.

5. Prada Top backpack maker in china

The brand gained great notoriety for its high quality and luxury items and as early as 1919, the store in Milan became a favorite of Italian royalty and aristocracy. In addition to being appointed as the official supplier of the Italian Royal Family.

Miuccia and Patrizio then introduced innovative and contemporary products, which brought Prada back to the recognition it always had: high quality, elegant, sophisticated and luxurious products.

The brand has always been known for its bags and leather goods, and one of the brand's most iconic models is the Galleria. The model made of Saffiano leather is available in Small, Medium and Large sizes, in addition to numerous colors.

It's no use having great suppliers of bags if you don't make your business profitable, for that we list below some necessary steps for you to make profits, follow!

Top backpack maker in china 2022

Always keep in mind that Top backpack maker in china will be “one step at a time”, because a good idea is not always synonymous with profitability, so analyze the market even before any step.

It is essential that you always have a financial control, for this it is always indicated the help of an accounting office. Working capital is very important for your business.

Always invest in advertising and marketing, as they will take your work to millions of people.
2022 Top Backpack Maker in China

How to choose good bag suppliers?

To succeed in the market and have good suppliers of bags for resale, it is necessary to follow some steps such as:

  • Always research the main brands of bags available on the market
  • Always analyze the product varieties on the market and also analyze the supplier
  • Check if the price is in line with the quality of the product and is within your budget
  • Analyze the product and its quality

Bags to resell direct from the factory: where to find them?

Many people want to invest in wholesale women's bags, but there's still that insecurity because it's a subject that generates a lot of doubts, and that's why some questions arise like: do people really buy? Is it worth investing in this product?

But the truth is, it's worth it! They usually provide a profit margin of 50% to 100% at the time of resale. With that, we gathered in a list suppliers from several places to help in your venture.

If you are looking for Top backpack maker in china, here are companies that sell wholesale. These are options for you to buy cheap bags to resell!

The truth is that working reselling bags has always been a very profitable business. Because they are products that sell well and provide a very good profit margin.

But the great difficulty for people is when it comes to finding a bag supplier that has good products. That's exactly why I decided to share here a step-by-step guide explaining how to buy bags for resale.

So stay with me and discover step by step how it all works:

Where to buy bags to resell?

But there are also cities that are considered hubs in the manufacture of bags and that you can go to the factories.

Therefore, you can find many Top backpack maker in china that are ideal to buy from or look for companies that put their brand on the bags.

In the northeast region, a city that stands out in the manufacture of bags is Teresina. There are more than 250 factories that work in this field and serve both the local market and shopkeepers in the northern region.

Define your target audience

As much as you want to work with grants, it is ideal to focus on a specific audience at the beginning instead of trying to sell everything.

You can choose to sell only work bags, party bags, everyday bags, the most popular bags, maybe more alternatives, or maybe the most expensive ones.

Having this right definition of the type of customer you want to serve will help you choose better among suppliers. Not all of them will interest you, only the ones that sell the product that your audience likes.

In addition to giving you practicality at the time of purchase, this will help you to hit the taste of your customers and start selling much more.



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