How to choose a suitable Bag manufacturer?

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Introduction of Bag manufacturer

Bag manufacturer

It's time to go on a trip, but then it turns out that there are no suitable Bag manufacturers? Nothing, because it seems that picking up a travel accessory today is quite simple - catalogs are full of dozens of all kinds of models. True, there is also a certain problem: How to choose a suitable option among this variety?

We have already analyzed what materials bags are made of today, and what material is more convenient in what conditions. Another important selection criterion is wheels.

The modern bag is equipped with wheels

Any modern bag is equipped with wheels. There can be a different number of them, wheels are easy to make of different materials. Let us analyze which of them are more convenient and better, what to look for when choosing a Bag manufacturer. How many wheels are optimal and in which case?

In this matter, the main emphasis should be placed on the quality of the material. It is better to purchase bags from trusted manufacturers who put high-quality wheels on their accessories that will not break off on the very first trip.

Different options are available

For the rest - single or double, removable or stationary, 2 or 4 wheels, everything here will depend on your preferences.

For example, if you are often going to travel with luggage on various, not always flat roads, and at the same time want to take a compact bag, then it is better to purchase a bag on 2 wheels.  And if you need large bags for a long journey, then it is better to choose one with 4 wheels.

If you choose the wheels incorrectly, then quite the phrase about that notorious bags, which is both a pity to throw and inconvenient to carry, will become a reality.

Double wheels Bag for a smoother ride

Today, manufacturers are increasingly resorting to installing double wheels on bags. Why is that? It is the double castors that provide a smoother ride and better balance when transporting luggage.

Also, note that it is best if the wheels are installed independently of each other. You should not choose Bag manufacturer with wheels on the same axle. In the first option, even in the event of a breakdown, the problem will not be so critical.

Why removable casters

Today there are models with removable casters. Why is this needed? This move allows you to quickly remove the wheels when you check in your bags. As you know, very often travel accessories are damaged precisely when transporting luggage at airports.

Movers rarely stand on ceremony with passengers' belongings, bags fall, crushed by other travel accessories. As a result, one of the most common reasons for the failure of wheels is precisely the careless handling of them by the personnel of airports and other transport companies.

In addition, if the wheels are initially removable on the Bag manufacturer, you need to understand that such a design is week than a stationary one. Therefore, it is mandatory to take them off before checking them in.

Which are stronger and more reliable

It is best to choose silicone or semi- silicone casters. They are more resistant to wear and tear and will last much longer. In addition, these wheels are perfectly shock-absorbing, so you can carry even fragile things in such bags without risk. The silicone version is quiet and smooth.

Wheels made of plastic and semi-plastic are much cheaper. But at the same time, they fail faster.

Also note that the mountings must be metal, not plastic. The latter will break down much faster and do not tolerate shaking and bad roads well.

Bag manufacturer 2021

The wheels should not clink or rattle when moving. The quieter and softer the ride, the less deformation of the wheels during transportation.

Why make recessed or hidden wheels

Here, in general, the answer is quite clear. The more the wheel is hiding, the less they receive mechanical damage. In addition, an unseen wheel is usually found on models with two wheels: this format allows you to slightly reduce the physical dimensions of the Bag manufacturer themselves.

Let's summarize: which bags are better: on 2 wheels or 4?

It is difficult to answer this question with certainty. On the one hand, four-wheeled models do not pass well on paving stones and, according to observations, break more often. On the other hand, the more wheels, the more maneuverable your travel accessory becomes. That is why spinner bags (on 4 wheels) are so popular today.

In general, if you must choose a bag: two or four wheels, pay attention to the compromise option. That is, with four wheels. But at the same time, the rear ones will be large, and the front ones will be noticeably smaller. So, if the road is level, you can safely roll it on 4 wheels. And on uneven ground - tilt a little and already roll on two, like a cart.

But if you choose two or four wheels, which is better?

Bags on 2 wheels - ideal for off-road use. The large diameter of the wheels makes them more durable. In addition, such wheels are usually more recessed into the body, which makes the Bag manufacturer more spacious.

But at the same time, keep in mind that you will have to constantly roll such bags at an angle, which creates a tangible load on your back and on the hand in which you are carrying it.

Bags with 4 wheels are very convenient to roll alongside. Especially if the luggage is heavy. The castors on the bottom of the Bag manufacturer are- slanting at a 45-degree angle. This helps to distribute the load correctly when loading luggage.


But at the same time, rolling such bags on an uneven surface is a dubious pleasure. On paving stones, tiles, or a bad road, you will have to tilt the bags a little, and this position contributes to the rapid wear of the wheels.



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