Which is the best Neoprene Sleeve for University Students in 2021?

2021-10-20 By hqt

Introduction of Neoprene Sleeve

Neoprene Laptop Sleeves

Can you imagine being outside one day, starting to rain and your notebook Neoprene Sleeve not being waterproof? That’s the kind of risk you can’t even think about taking. You might as well avoid this by choosing the ideal notebook sleeve for your computer.

Today, the demand for portable computers is increasing because they are easier to take with you anywhere, and for that you need an ideal carrying case to protect your notebook from bumps and scratches. In addition, its sleeve can also be used to carry other materials such as mouse, external hard drive and other cables.

Types of notebook Neoprene sleeves


This type of Neoprene Sleeve has the most classic model. It has two compartments, one for the notebook and the other for cables, as well as two carrying handles. There are still models with straps that can be put on for carrying on the shoulder. This sleeve has models with synthetic materials or more rigid materials, that is, your sleeve is well protected against impacts.


This sleeve is for you who are looking for more style in addition to practicality. In addition to the classic models with two compartments, this type of notebook sleeve also has vintage models with more divisions. Above all, the space for the notebook is padded, and the other pockets are external.

School Neoprene sleeves

 Unlike the models above, the backpack has two shoulder straps. This one has the padded compartment for the computer and other internal and external pockets, so this model is great for you who carry more objects, such as books and tablets. What’s more, there are models with space for headphones and even a USB charger.

Suitcase with wheels or trolleys

Especially if you walk long distances, this notebook Neoprene Sleeve model is for you. Because it allows you to get around easier on the wheels. There are still larger models that you can put clothes on, which reduces your sleeves when traveling. Along with the adjustable shoulder strap, there is also the option with straps.

How to choose a notebook sleeve?

You already know that the notebook sleeve’s main function is to protect your computer. Likewise, it is possible to have a sleeve that is useful in other points, as well as having a USB charger, or more compartments.  There are currently several models on the notebook market, so we will help you choose your ideal notebook sleeve.

Notebook Neoprene Sleeve Right size

Size, shape and weight affect when making your choice. Check the inches of your notebook screen, and check the dimensions, as they are different sizes. After all, the dimensions are the height and width of your computer. In this way, make sure that the material and model chosen are guaranteed waterproof.

And finally, you need to check the measurements of the notebook Neoprene Sleeve. Compare the sleeve measurements to your device, and remember to choose a size slightly larger than your computer to avoid any problems you might have with the size.

Notebook Sleeve Materials

First, it is important to analyze the material of your notebook sleeve, as this factor is what defines the safety of the equipment. For example, check the type of stitching, zipper, straps and reinforcements. You need to be prepared for any situation that might happen. Like a rain or a glass of water spilling on your sleeve.

Computer compartment

Neoprene Sleeve 2021

You must be aware of your daily life with your notebook when choosing your sleeve. Padded compartments bring security to the notebook. Still, there are more expensive sleeves with their space more equipped to increase computer protection, which might be worth the investment.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Your Laptop Sleeve

It’s important that you be aware of all the other factors when making your notebook Neoprene Sleeve purchase, in addition to the main factor, which is protecting your notebook when you go elsewhere. Because we want to make sure you have complete satisfaction with your purchase.

Some main points to consider before your purchase:

  • Safety
  • Guarantee
  • Whether it will meet your needs
  • Storage
  • One that matches your personality
  • Backpack or briefcase, which one to choose?

In addition to your personal taste, other factors can influence your choice, for example, the use you will make of your accessory.

Laptop Neoprene Sleeve, briefcase or backpack!

 The case has a more elegant model, more suitable for professional profiles. Besides that they can be used as a briefcase or bandolier, which brings more security against theft. On the other hand, backpacks are more informal and are considered more versatile and comfortable, in addition to having more space.       

One undisputed point about quarantine is that it has revolutionized the way people work. The notebook has become an indispensable tool for many of us and will stay with us after this phase. But how to choose the best notebook Neoprene Sleeve, briefcase or backpack?

Also, important to keep it functional and looking new.

The notebook is practical, as we can take it wherever we want, whenever we need it, but it’s an expensive investment that needs special care so it doesn’t get damaged. In addition to routine cleaning to prevent the accumulation of dust on the keys, the way we carry the notebook is also important to keep it functional and looking new.

You may think that all you must do is find any sleeve at home, big enough to put it on, but some details are important so that all the little pieces inside are kept intact during your journey. For your notebook to stay preserved longer, and to be transported safely and in style, we’ve listed some useful information to help you choose between a notebook sleeve, briefcase or backpack.

  • Define your needs
  • ARZON Women’s Notebook Folder
  • ARZON Women’s Notebook Folder – Ref 10475

Another fundamental point to be studied

The means of transport that you use in your day to day must also be taken into consideration. Those who use public means, such as buses and subways, or those who go to work/college by bicycle or motorbike, need to have their hands free, and that is why a backpack will probably be the best option.

 Another fundamental point to be studied when choosing a Neoprene Sleeve, briefcase or backpack for your notebook. is the size of your electronic. Obviously, the chosen accessory must support the dimensions of your equipment.

Conclusion Neoprene Sleeve

The needs of a university student and an executive are not the same, let alone the dress code of each of them. Think about the amount of items you need to carry each day as well as the type of clothing you need to wear in your workplace. This will make a difference when choosing the ideal accessory to carry your notebook.



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