9 Best Makeup Travel Case on Wheels in 2022

2022-03-11 By hqt

makeup travel cases on wheels
In addition to kit protection features such as shockproof, waterproof and dust-proof, the image, design, and fashion design of a female makeup kit is also an issue that many people have interest in. Women’s makeup travel cases on wheels are an indispensable fashion accessory of any woman.

Let’s take a look at the list of most popular fashion female makeup kits in 2022!

1. Fashionable women’s makeup kit Stylish, modern and youthful design

Coming in at first place is a new product launched in March 2021. It can be said that this is one of the few shockproof bags, makeup kits from the brand with a stylish design. It is extremely compact with shockproof, waterproof, good kit protection, especially for women.

The bag has a handle that makes it easy to take your kit anywhere. It is like a modern fashion accessory to help users express their personality.

2. Fashion women’s makeup kit – Modern, cute design

Second and indispensable is the women’s makeup travel case on wheels, one of the bags with a simple design, not too colorful, nor too prominent. But it has a youthful, modern look that is very suitable for women. With basic color tones: blue, pink, light gray, the bag can be suitable for most women, regardless of age.

It has high quality synthetic PU leather material with good waterproof and dust-proof ability. Dedicated padded kit compartment for shock and scratch resistance.

The bag has an external accessory compartment that allows you to store many items and accessories such as lipstick, mouse, computer charger, etc. Compatible with most 13 and 14 inch models

3. Fashionable female makeup kit – A youthful and elegant makeup kit model

Women’s 13-inch makeup travel case on wheels is a simple bag with a beautiful design, youthful colors, and high-quality fabric with good waterproofing ability. The bag has a 3-in-1 design that is easy to carry or can also be used with a sturdy, smooth (removable) shoulder strap.


Fashion women’s makeup kit is one of the bags with good shock resistance along with a beautiful design, youthful colors, especially suitable for office and office ladies.

Specially designed for women with durable material, good impact resistance, water & dust resistant, with adjustable & easily removable shoulder strap. Compatible with Kits, Makeups: 13 – 15.4 inches

4. Shockproof fashion female makeup kit – Simple, youthful, cheap design

Next is the makeup kit product for women. It is an emerging brand in recent years with eye-catching fashion makeup kits, high-class kit protection. It is a special bag suitable for office users or students, commuters … because the bag is extremely cheap. Moreover, it has a simple design. Similarly, it is easy to match with other fashion accessories.

Shock absorption fully protects your makeup travel case on wheels, using high-grade zipper with extreme durability. The outside uses a waterproof polyester fabric, compatible with most kits, Makeup 13 to 15.4 inches.

5. Fashionable women’s makeup kit – Modern and luxurious is what this bag model brings

Luxurious design with a design that is an alternating between two striking and trendy black and white tones to meet the preferences and needs of many users with many different styles, fashion and aesthetic tastes. In addition, the bag is shockproof, so your kit is always safe from outside impacts.

The inside of the kit compartment lines with super soft velvet, strong protection, and the outer fabric is waterproof, effectively waterproof.

Design more detachable strap, support users to move often, compatible with all kits, Makeup: 13 to 14 inches

6. Fashionable women’s makeup kit: Exquisite, modern design with elegant red color

It is one of the leading brands in analysis and premium notebook products. Among them, there is a female makeup kit which is one of the following models with a very special design, color, and classic red color. Users will feel really stand out from the crowd.

It is sophisticated, modern element that this bag brings. This will definitely be the optimal choice for women who love simplicity, youth and dynamism.

The kit compartment is equipped with advanced shockproof technology & 360-degree anti-collision cushion. The outside of the bag uses high quality waterproof polyester material, completely waterproof. There is a compartment for accessories that can be stored: chargers, cables, headphones … Compatible with Kit, Makeup: 13.3 – 16 inch.

7. Fashion women’s makeup kit – There are many colors to choose from

The makeup travel case on wheels is designed in the most youthful, optimal, thinnest and lightest style but still fully meets the shockproof needs for Kit devices, kits of all sizes from 13 inches to 15 inches. The bag has many colors from: pink, brown, cream yellow, gray that can be suitable for many users with different preferences and styles of dress.

Rose-patterned handbags must have a light, comfortable textured design with an easy-to-remove strap for easy portability. A special product for more dynamic and younger women, surely the rose-patterned makeup kit from popular brand will be the choice for girls who like lightness and thoughtfulness.

makeup travel case

9. Shockproof fashion female makeup kit – Unique blue design

It is a fashionable shockproof makeup kit that protects kits and makeups very well. The bag has 4 colors to help you easily choose the right color for your fashion style. In addition, the bag also has an adjustable and detachable strap to support long trips. In particular, this is also a cheap female makeup kit.

A special bag model for busy women

All products are products with many outstanding textures or colors. However, coming to this position, the 13-inch makeup kit for women color version is a particularly different product when it comes to possessing a very simple design with a very large compartment. The handbag model will be suitable for girls who love the basics and utility.


It uses waterproof polyester, fully waterproof. Moreover, it provides all-round protection against shocks and defeats 360-degree protection anti-exclusive technology. There are compartments for accessories that can be stored: chargers, cables, headphones … Compatible with Kit, Makeup lines: 13 – 15.4 inches.



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