5 Best Laptop Case Bag to Buy in 2022

2022-02-21 By hqt

Laptop Case Bag
The cowhide men's laptop case bag is now a very familiar item for guys, it's not difficult for you to see the image of them wearing it on their shoulders every time they go out. This is the most popular fashion trend today, which is very popular with young people.

However, how to choose a cowhide case bag that is both fashionable and suitable for you and easy to combine with many different styles? Please refer to some samples of case bags synthesized through the article below.

1. 100% genuine cowhide laptop case bag

Laptop case bag is best for guys who are personality, dynamic and love modernity. Then leather cross body bag on the chest is an indispensable fashion item. This multi-compartment cross body bag has a unique, fashionable, dusty design that brings a new fashion trend.

With dimensions of 25 x 22 x 8.5 cm, it is compact but still able to hold the boy's necessary items when going down the street. For example: Laptop mini, smartphone, wallet, cigarette case, papers ... This bag is designed to hug the body, compact to help reduce shock, reduce vibration and well protect the contents inside.

High Quality laptop case bag

A leather shoulder bag, men will become stronger, more masculine and attractive. Made of 100% genuine cowhide, the leather surface is smooth, durable, not peeling and not deformed. From there, helping users feel more secure and confident every time they go out and have a picnic.

High-quality laptop case bag brings a striking and dusty new fashion style. Therefore, this is a bag model that every guy should not ignore.

This multi-compartment laptop cross body bag is designed with a dedicated parachute strap. It comes with high quality cowhide, durable. In particular, the length can be customized to match the height of the body as well as the style of wearing. Such as: cross body, shoulder, back, chest ... very personality and dynamic.

2. Large fashion cowhide men's cross body bag, multi-compartment

In addition to aesthetic value, cowhide is also the most popular material common by users today. Thanks to its high strength, no peeling, no breakage, and no fading and good elasticity, high strength. Therefore, this material is also common to create the most fashionable and classy products.

Large fashion cowhide men's case bag, multi-compartment

Laptop Case Bag 2022

This multi-compartment cowhide men's cross body bag is designed with a size of 21cm x 17cm x 7cm that can hold laptops, iPhones, Android phones, etc., bringing many conveniences to users. The strap is designed quite diversely made from specialized cowhide to bring certainty, durability, and good resistance to force.

The outstanding feature of this product line is the solid, smooth, and easy-to-use copper-gold zipper.

3. Wax leather laptop case bag with many compartments

This multi-compartment cowhide laptop case bag is stylish, unique and sophisticated. From there, it helps the owner affirm his confidence, personality and dynamism when walking around or hanging out with friends. With dimensions of 29 x 22 x 6cm, luxurious brown color, many spacious compartments including 1 main compartment and many auxiliary compartments.

The main compartment can help you keep your laptop, iPhone, notebook, etc. The other smaller compartments, you can store items that are not too big such as spare batteries, headphones, wallets...

Wax leather case bag for laptop with many compartments

The strap part of this multi-compartment cowhide case bag is made of parachute material, combined with high-quality cowhide.

The details on the case bag such as seams, zippers, zippers, joints are carefully selected.  It helps to show the class for high-class genuine cowhide laptop case bag. Straight, neat seams, high quality stitches. Avoid peeling, breaking threads, and revealing cuts even when common for a long time.


4. Men's soft cowhide case bag with vertical shape

Designed and manufactured with a size of about 32cm x 24.5cm x 4cm, with luxurious black tones, it has given men an impressive fashion style. At the same time, it is also a container for necessary personal items that a guy needs when going out.

Men's soft cowhide case bag stand

Super durable leather material, the longer it is common, the more beautiful it will be, and the color will last over time. Don't worry about scratches, water absorption, skin explosion, frayed leather; this is far from poor quality leather. Therefore, you can comfortably carry many items such as laptops, phones, cosmetics, books, etc. whenever you go to work, go out, and travel with friends.

The metal details are plated with a glossy gold color to create the perfect beauty for the product. The bag strap is firmly designed, is easy to adjust.

5. Wax cowhide fashion men's case bag

The case bag has a compact, elegant design with dimensions of 28cm x 24cm x 7cm but without losing its sophistication, and attractiveness. Youthful color, there are two colors black and brown bring many choices.

Dynamic, suitable for you to take everywhere such as going out, going to work, shopping. Good bearing capacity, long service life.

Laptop case bag comes with modern design, with many compartments to help you store more items. Besides the main compartment, this bag is also designed with many small compartments to store necessary accessories such as keys, headphones, spare batteries ...

Every detail, even the smallest stage is done by highly qualified professionals with many years of experience.

It can be said that cowhide men's case bags are currently a new trend of young people. With just one case bag, you can store a lot of things in it from wallets, phones, chargers to power banks.

Shockproof bag with handle, case strap

Shockproof bag, a laptop bag is not only easy to carry but also trendy, can hold laptops, laptops, chargers, mice and daily items. Besides, it can be expanded to meet the demand for storage space.

To meet the user's need to carry a lot of things, the designer thought about and answered that difficult question, the contour around the shockproof bag is delicately designed to both increase the capacity of the bag and be beautiful.

3. Laptop shockproof bag with strap

KINMAC - a brand specializing in Backpacks, bags for Laptop, MacBook with 360-degree shockproof technology and excellent shockproof layer.



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