3 Criteria’s to Choose Laptop Bags in 2022

2022-05-17 By hqt

Laptop shockproof bag - travel with laptop everywhere

Laptop Bags

For students, as well as working people, it can be said that a laptop is a very important technology device that plays a big role in the learning and working process. Similarly, you need laptop bags for its protection. 

Material: Bags have many different types. There are thick fabrics, thin fabrics, smooth fabrics, not smooth fabrics. Should choose bags with medium thickness material, and at the same time have a soft lining.

Design: Should choose a simple design, with 1 to 2 compartments, to both hold the laptop and keep the necessary small items.

Color: Usually laptop shockproof bags have quite simple colors to choose from. Depending on your personal preference, you should not choose a color that is too bright. It will cause the bag to quickly get dirty in the process of carrying the bag to many places.

13 Inch Premium Macbook Shockproof laptop bags

Uses: Protects the 13-inch Macbook, is waterproof, durable, has a soft inner coat, so that the Macbook is completely protected from external impacts. Stylish and fashionable design, in addition to the laptop compartment, there is an additional compartment for convenient carrying important documents.

Features: Size 39x28x5cm, durable, thick fabric, with fur, with two layers of sturdy foam, high quality fabric, 4-way protection for laptop.

15.6 inch laptop shockproof bag

Uses: Holds a laptop with a size of 15 or 15.6 inches, helping the laptop to be protected safely, and at the same time compact when placed in a backpack.

Features: The outside is a fabric layer, next to the mesh fabric layer is a foam sponge about 1-2 inches thick, the inside is a thin layer of fabric. Both sides of the bag have shock-absorbing foam. The size of the laptop protective bag is about 40x31 cm (length x width), breathable texture, light weight easy to carry, simple bag design, delicate, easy to use.

Steps to properly wash laptop bags

Step 1: Must proceed to remove dust and dirt on the laptop bags before washing it with soap. To be able to remove dirt easily and without affecting the bag, it is recommended to use a damp sponge. If not, you can use a warm towel.

First, use a clean light-colored towel to absorb water and wring it dry. Then proceed to gently wipe the stain. Do not rub the shockproof bag too hard, it will cause the stains to penetrate deeper into the fabric. To be able to quickly handle the stains in the laptop shockproof bag, it must be cleaned immediately, so that the stains do not have time to penetrate deeply into the bag.

Step 2: Carefully clean the laptop bags

Cold water won't stretch the jute fibers, and a large enough bowl makes soaking and washing the bag easier. Then proceed to rub gently and for a long time right where there are stains attached. If the scrub is not clean, you can use a soft brush to scrub it. It is best not to use a stiff brush or perform scrubbing for too long as this will cause the fibers to peel off.

Step 3: With the help of detergent

Detergents are good to use only in cases where the stains cannot be removed with soap. Detergents should only be good to use in moderation, should not be overgood to use, it will cause the phenomenon of odor. The recommended detergent to remove stains on fabric laptop shockproof bags is bleach.

Step 4: Dry the laptop bags after washing. When drying the shockproof bag after it has been washed, you should choose to dry it in a sunny place. Do not dry in the shade or in a sunny place.

It will make the bag easy to have a musty, unpleasant smell. If this case is repeated many times, it will make the bag easy to rot. When drying, the bag should be turned upside down; this will help prevent the bag from fading.

Best laptop bags for Students

For students, students as well as working people, it can be said that a laptop is a very important technology device that plays a big role in the learning and working process.

Laptop Bags 2022

With the need to use for work and study, laptops have become inseparable from many users today. Accompanying that is the indispensable laptop bag. On the market today, there are many types of laptop bags with many different designs and price ranges. Therefore, if you are wondering about choosing a suitable laptop bags, the following content will be very helpful for you.

When choosing to buy a laptop bag, you need to consider the following factors:

– Choose the right laptop bag: each laptop has a certain size, you need to know what screen size the laptop you are using is in order to choose an appropriate laptop bag. You should find a bag with a laptop compartment that fits the size of the device, not too tight or too wide.

Choose a laptop bag with extra compartments

Should choose bags with separate compartments and especially must be padded with some shockproof or water-resistant materials and have a wire to fix the laptop. In addition, the physical protection feature, considering the bags with mini passcode lock is also a perfect choice for careful people.

In addition to using the bag to hold your laptop, you will also use it to store other things, so choose bags with more compartments for more space for books or documents. If you are a person on the go, you should choose a spacious briefcase that can hold many things.

Consider choosing bags that are water-resistant and waterproof to prevent sudden rains.

Choose a laptop bag in the price range that you allow

There are quite a few prices for a laptop bag so you can click to see the cheapest laptop bag prices from many different stores.

Handbag: This is a fairly simple briefcase with a zipper at the top. The laptop can be put in and taken out conveniently and quickly. The laptop bags can have many small outer compartments to easily store items and necessary documents. Moreover, the laptop bag is suitable for polite users who can wear it when riding a motorbike or moving less because wearing it with a strap or carrying it easily makes you tired. ​

Crossbody bag:

This bag is mainly used to bring a lighter and more comfortable feeling. Crossbody bags have a youthful and dynamic design, so they are often loved and used by young people.



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