7 Things to Remember Before Buying Laptop Backpack

2022-01-13 By hqt

A laptop today is no longer surprising. This is a handy work tool that allows you to work from anywhere in the world without dragging a bulky PC with you. Today, almost one in two has a laptop. Fortunately, the range of sizes, power and prices allows you to choose laptop backpack for almost any budget. Someone uses it for games, someone for work, and someone for travel.

Laptop Backpack

The ease of use of a laptop today can hardly be overestimated. The fact that you are not limited by wires and a bulky system unit allows you to watch movies, surf the net or work directly from bed, lying under a warm blanket or under an air conditioner.

And if necessary, it is easy to pick up the gadget and go with it wherever you need it.

Unless you plan to use your laptop exclusively at home, you will need a bag to carry your device. Any first will not work, since the laptop can be placed in a specialized bag correctly without risking damage or scratching.

Why do you need laptop backpack at all?

Carrying even the smallest and smallest gadget in your hands is tiresome. Plus, if you're out for a few hours, you'll definitely need a charger.

In addition to a laptop, you may need various documents, notepads, a mouse with you; all this must be folded so as not to damage the laptop.

A good bag will help protect your device from minor damage, crushing, dust and moisture. Naturally, in serious situations, the bag will not help (for example, if something very heavy falls on it, or the laptop backpack falls into water or on a hard surface from a tangible height), but it will save you from minor problems.

Now let's figure out how to choose the right accessory for carrying your laptop.

How to know the laptop size for laptop backpack?

Naturally, different laptop sizes need to be matched with different bags. It's okay to buy a large one for a small device, but buying a bag for a gadget with a larger diagonal is already much more offensive. To choose a laptop bag by size, you need to clarify the diagonal of the laptop and measure its physical dimensions.

You can find out the diagonal of the laptop from the technical information for your device. You can also download your model on the Internet and see its parameters.

Laptop Backpack 2022


How to buy a laptop bag online?

If you order laptop backpack on a foreign website, it is worth determining the size of the laptop in inches to buy a bag. Measurements can be specified in different units - for example, not only in inches, but also in sentiments. Therefore, it is better to use a calculator and translate all the necessary measurements online so as not to get into a mess.

Usually, the characteristics of the accessory indicate the diagonal of the device and physical measurements. It is better to focus on both factors.

The most common and popular models are designed for devices with a diagonal of 14-15 inches. This is one of the more common variations. In addition, you can find models designed for laptops with a diagonal of 10 to 17 inches or more.

Physical Dimension of bags

Why is it important to look not only at this indicator, but also in physical dimensions? The fact is that with the same diagonal, the length and width of the bag may differ. Therefore, it is imperative to check that all the numbers converge.

Who is right? In fact, the choice is yours. You can store other essentials in a slightly larger bag, but note that they may scratch the lid of your device.

How to choose the right type of bag?

Before buying laptop backpack, you need to decide what type of accessory you need at all - a bag or, for example, a backpack. It all depends on your personal preference and convenience. It is important for someone that the bag looks representative and fits a business suit, and for someone it is important that their hands remain free.

The main options for models of accessories for carrying laptops:

Backpack on shoulders with internal compartments for the laptop itself, power supply and other little things. A great option if you travel a lot on foot and for long trips. But with frequent movement in dense human traffic in a backpack behind the back, the laptop is more susceptible to theft.


A briefcase with one small handle for carrying the device in your hands (sounds like a business style and is convenient if you travel more with a laptop by car than on foot).

Which is better - a bag or a backpack? It is impossible to answer this question unambiguously. Because each option has both advantages and disadvantages. It is best when the product matches your image.

You can find variety of laptop bags at casebag China

Moreover, today there is such a huge variety of models that you can find both a black minimalistic laptop backpack and a version with bright prints, funny inscriptions and comic book heroes.

In a backpack, the weight of the device is distributed better, and your hands are free. But on the other hand, a shoulder bag gives you better gadget control in a crowd without having to remove the bag itself. A backpack usually has a lot more internal space for various accessories and little things.

But for large and heavy laptops, shoulder bags or briefcases are not the best idea. It is so very uncomfortable to carry the device for a long time. Although if you just need to put the bag in the car and get it on arrival - then no problem.

In general, for devices with a diagonal of more than 15 inches, it is recommended to choose laptop backpack, moreover, with a reinforced back and with dense, wide straps. This design will allow you to better distribute the weight of the gadget and will not overextend your back.

What to look for when choosing?

See according to your needs, how many compartments and small pockets you need. If you often have to deal with documents, it is better to have a department for them. If you often go on business trips or travel with a laptop, then you should pick up a bag with pockets for keys, a wallet, a power bank and chargers, and various little things.



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