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September is not a reason to sit in a metropolis to the sad songs of autumn rain. There are so many places where the “velvet” holiday season is just beginning. Already packing your luggage wholesale bags?

luggage wholesale

Do not forget that your child also wants to experience the feeling of the upcoming vacation. Right now, “Casebag” will answer one of the frequently asked questions: “Why should a child buy a children’s suitcase?”

 Buy smart luggage wholesale Bags

A nimble fidget or a serious sensible kid – all children, without exception, strives to imitate their parents. This is how they play and learn about the world around them. A luggage wholesale suitcase like a mom and dad, only smaller, and also bright and colorful – isn’t that what every child dreams of?

Towards independence!

Just imagine with what delight your fidget will collect things in his own suitcase, think over which toys to take, in which compartments to put them. And if you teach your child to fold clothes neatly, then you will also make things easier for yourself. Such a simple thing as a children’s suitcase will not only captivate the child, but also teach him to be independent.

Not only a suitcase, but also a toy …

Toy! What are we talking about? We’ve already put it in the suitcase. “But no! The assortment of children’s suitcases in “casebag” is so diverse that the suitcase itself will replace a toy for a child.

Funny and amazing models in the form of animals will become for your child not only an assistant on the road, but also a real friend. And it doesn’t matter at all whether you went to the sea or to your grandmother in the village.

Best luggage wholesale for Travelling

And the wheelchair luggage wholesale suitcase will appeal to the parents too. Imagine, you are standing in line, for example, at the airport; a little fidget does not want to calm down and stand still. A wheelchair suitcase comes to the rescue. And so, the child is already rolling merrily, sitting on top of his luggage.

And how many pluses: and dad is busy – he rolls the suitcase by a special handle, and the child is having fun, and other visitors to the airport no longer sigh looking at the stomping and screaming child. Everyone is happy!

And it’s not hard at all! Prefer Easy to Carry bags

“Isn’t it hard for a child to carry so many things?” – You may ask, and you will be absolutely right. After all, what parent doesn’t care about their baby? We answer: the wheels were made for the suitcase, so that it could be rolled, and not carried.

Children’s luggage wholesale models, like adult suitcases, come with two and four wheels. In addition, children’s models are much lighter than adult suitcases. For example, this model here weighs only 1.38 kg.

To keep your hands free

A suitcase, of course, contains many useful things, but what if the young traveler constantly wants to discover, and his hands are busy? Especially for you, “Empire of Bags” has selected several models of amazing backpacks. This model will come in handy not only when traveling, but also on a regular walk.

Along with children’s suitcases, we have released a children’s backpack for preschoolers in the same theme. Now the baby cannot part with his beloved friend for a minute.

How to choose a suitcase cover and then put it on?

If you travel frequently or on business trips for work, you probably have a suitcase. And you also know that at the airport you need to pack it in film or in a special case. You can wrap your baggage in film on your own or for money right at the airport. But those who regularly use the services of airlines increasingly prefer to buy covers.

Why are they needed at all and what are their advantages over conventional cling film? What to look for when choosing? Is it convenient to put them on a suitcase?
luggage wholesale 2022

What is a suitcase cover for?

Let’s start with why this luggage wholesale case is needed at all. You can just wrap it with foil and that’s it, no problem. Therefore, we will analyze the advantages of such an accessory:

  • An original cover with a bright print will help you quickly distinguish your luggage from others on the conveyor belt.
  • The cover protects the suitcase from scuffs and scratches while traveling.
  • Protects luggage from being opened quickly (it will take a thief time to remove the cover).

If your travel bag has already seen everything and does not look the most presentable way, a colorful case will help to update its appearance,

  1. The cover is quicker to put on and take off than the film.
  2. The cover will last you long enough, unlike the disposable film.

You can safely wash a high-quality suitcase cover in a washing machine, and at the same time it will not lose its appearance and properties. Most often, suitcase covers are made from neoprene and spandex. The fabric forms a uniform pattern when stretched so that the luggage will look its best.

How to determine the size of a suitcase for a cover?

Before running to an offline or online store for a suitcase cover, you need to choose its size. Yes, yes, there is no one universal size.

They correspond to the dimensions of the travel bags. How do you know the size of your suitcase cover? All you need to do is measure your luggage. Most often they are guided by the length, but just in case it is worth measuring the width of the suitcase.

Summary luggage wholesale

This will help you choose the size of the suitcase cover; otherwise, if the cover is too small or too large, you will not be able to use it as a result. A small one, if it stretches over the bag, will quickly begin to crack at the seams. A large one, due to the sagging fabric, will confuse the wheels, cling and quickly tear.


Ideally, if you buy a luggage wholesale suitcase at the same time as a cover, then you can try on and decide on the dimensions right on the spot. But there is nothing difficult in choosing a cover for an existing suitcase.



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