How to choose best carry luggage for a trip?

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carry luggage
You've probably noticed that sometimes dreams about carry luggage are so vivid and realistic that we remember them even after waking up. Moreover, these can be dreams with a completely life story, or they can be completely fantastic. These are so vivid that the brain does not distinguish them from reality.

In a dream, we can simply meet with distant friends, drive any transport, even without a license, go on a space journey. By the way, about travel - what is the dream of a suitcase for?

The circumstances of the dream can be very different. For example, you can carry another person's heavy carry luggage, pack yours for a trip to the sea, or even go shopping while choosing a new accessory. It also matters what color the suitcase is in a dream, its belonging and other circumstances.

Most often, such a dream speaks of a desire for changes in life. And it is not always worth taking such dreams literally as a hint of a quick trip.

Well, let's go on an exciting journey of dream interpretation with a travel accessory. Generally speaking, like other options for bags, a suitcase symbolizes our accumulated experience, life luggage.

Why pack a carry luggage in a dream?

According to the dream book, packing a suitcase in me is a harbinger of a pleasant trip. You may soon have to hit the road. But at the same time, packing a suitcase in a dream for a woman is not a very pleasant sign.

This suggests that in his personal life, the dreamer may suffer a failure, for example, a quarrel with a young man, a rupture of a pleasant acquaintance.

If you dream that you are packing your things in carry luggage for the trip, but you cannot fasten in any way, you have already got or will soon find yourself in a difficult situation. If you still manage to pack and fasten your suitcase, you will overcome all difficulties, although it will take a lot of effort.

How to fix carry luggage?

Furthermore, if the zipper did not work, it is quite possible that you will not be able to cope with the problem. Also, an unbuttoned suitcase can promise a journey that will only bring disappointment.

What will happen if you dreamed that you were packing your carry luggage in a hurry because you were late for your plane? Gathering in a hurry usually means that changes will soon await you on the path of life that will take you by surprise. A sudden change in plans or circumstances can unsettle you.

But remember that all changes are given to us for inner growth. Try to accept new circumstances, find advantages for you and take advantage of these advantages for your development.

How to pack carry luggage for trip?

By the way, collected a suitcase for a trip on the sea on holiday can be even a hint of a literal, if you dream on the eve of departure on vacation or at the stage of planning your upcoming trip. When all our thoughts are directed in reality to a specific event, then in a dream it begins to haunt us.

To dream that your carry luggage is too full and you can hardly close the lid on it is that you are too overwhelmed by inner experiences and emotions. Try to get rid of at least some of the psychological burden, and you will notice how much easier it will be for you to breathe and move.

If at the same time you belong to people of creative professions, or are connected with teaching, then this is a good moment to share your life experience with others.

How to choose good carry luggage for trip?

Packing brand new suitcases on vacation is a good dream. Especially if in reality you have a journey ahead of you.

Packing things up for the road is also a great omen for people in the business, who will be a huge hit in the near future.

carry luggage 2022

Putting things on the road, but at the same time noticing that something falls out of the suitcase is a sign that you are not fulfilling your obligations. Perhaps you should delegate some of your powers or tasks to someone, ask your friends for help - depending on the format and complexity of the task.

And if you dream that you are dragging a heavy carry luggage on you and are practically straining over its weight, it means that in real life something weighs on you, what kind of obligations you have taken. Or your personal complexes and injuries do not allow you to cope with the situation that has arisen and move on, hinder and pull you to the ground.

Lost a suitcase in a dream: what the dream book says

So, in a dream you lost a suitcase with things. Losing luggage in life is a very unpleasant event. Especially if there are dear or expensive things, souvenirs and shopping from rest there. In general, the event is not a joyful one. We will disappoint: in a dream, loss does not bode well either.

Interpretation options:

One of the interpretations says that in your circle of acquaintances someone uses your intellectual achievements without demand.

Also, if you dream of a lost carry luggage with things as a symbol of your life baggage, this can promise both getting rid of heavy feelings and thoughts, and, on the contrary, that you will not be able to properly use the accumulated knowledge to solve some important issue.

  • According to Miller's dream book, this promises losses and partingwith loved ones, grief and tears.
  • Losing a suitcase can speak of your self-doubt, unwillingness to gather courage, missed opportunities and chances.
  • If the dreamer is single or single, a lost suitcase may indicate that there is still some period of lonelinessand even postponed plans in the form of a wedding.
  • What if you went to look for a lost suitcase and found it? In this case, you can overcome the unpleasant circumstances and solve the problem.
  • If the suitcase contained valuable things, for example, your favorite fur coat or a collection of jewelry, and you lost it, despite all the precautions taken, the future loss in life will also greatly upset you.

Find Dream Luggage bags

Both in a dream and in reality try to keep track of your belongings as much as possible in order to prevent loss. And remember that many unpleasant events can be avoided with mindfulness and a balanced approach. Do not act at random, calculate your steps.



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