How does a Bag factory help in buying best backpacks?

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Good Bags reduce muscle pain; learn how?

Why do you need to get a laptop bag from bag factory? There are 150 muscles in our spine, all of which must be strong and work well together to avoid back pain. In general, no movement can take place without muscles. Muscles are an important part of our body because they get our bones and joints in motion.

Bag factory

Bag factory roll in our life?

Without muscles, we couldn't laugh, cry, eat, or breathe. But muscles do a lot more in our body: our muscles ensure that our bones stay healthy and stable and that our metabolism and brain function well. So you can say: if the muscles are healthy and fit, this increases our physical and mental health.

About 70% of People complain of back pain once a year and about 80% have back pain once in their life. According to studies, back pain is the second most common cause of visits to the doctor in Germany. So, it is not a rare complaint, but it is easy to prevent.

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Strengthen your muscles

The Pain Forum in the German Green Cross introduced this day to call for active prevention of back problems with this day of action. On March 15, 2019 we will celebrate the 18th day of back health with the motto “Strengthen your muscles - stay fit!”.

3 tips to keep in mind with backpacks


 Many think that a Bag factory can't be big enough to be ready for almost any situation. Unfortunately, a backpack for all purposes is not advisable. You should be clear in advance what you want to use your backpack for. If your chosen model is too big, your back will be put under the wrong load and this can lead to back pain.

 2. upholstery:

 Make sure that your backpack has sufficiently padded shoulder straps. The padding of the rucksack must be matched to the load-bearing capacity so that you as the carrier do not get back pain when carrying it.

3. Incorrect weight shift:

 Everyone knows that it is unhealthy, but almost everyone does it now and then: only carry the backpack on one shoulder. This may be fine for a short time, but in the long run your back will start to affect you. So always load your back evenly - never on one side!

Our leather backpacks - not only gentle on your back but also modern!

We are fed up with back pain and introduce you to our best backpacks, where the weight is evenly distributed on both shoulders, so you can say goodbye to back pain. On the move in style without pain.

Which Backpack is best for you?

Are you looking for a Bag factory for work or university? Then we recommend the daypack, made of soft leather. This backpack shines with its simple but elegant look as well as with its resilience. Our backpack has two large compartments in which books, pads, pens and wallets are easy to hide.

 By dividing the backpack into two compartments, a better distribution of the weight on your back is guaranteed. With our leather backpack, nothing stands in the way of an efficient day at work or at school!

Which Bag factory is best for backpacks?

Are you bored of the typical leather colors black, gray and brown? Then our backpacks made of canvas, combined with fine cowhide leather, are just right for you. The Bag factory shines with its stylish blue and its practical design. It offers a lot of storage space, so that you can also take our leather backpack with you to university or to work.

In addition to a compartment in which you can store books, documents, pads, folders, etc., there is also space for your laptop in the inner compartment.

Daypacks made from buffalo leather

For a day trip into the countryside or a stroll through the city at the weekend, we recommend Bag factory made of buffalo leather. Our backpack offers you a compartment with plenty of storage space for your belongings.

Furthermore, two smaller compartments are integrated in the inner compartment, where you can easily stow your cell phone and your wallet safely. A similar but stylish model is our SAM leather backpack.

Ideal companion if you are traveling with light luggage

With its dimensions, it is a bit smaller and is therefore an ideal companion if you are traveling with light luggage. The adjustable shoulder strap allows you to distribute the weight - depending on how much you have packed - ideally on your shoulders.

The shoulder bag as the perfect alternative

Shoulder bags made of real leather are an excellent alternative to briefcases and Bag factory for men to transport laptop, work documents, important documents and other work materials. Furthermore, shoulder bags are among the classics that offer enough storage space without appearing too massive.

Shoulder bag factory is a true all-rounder

But buying a bag for men is not that easy for many men. We therefore recommend classic leather because it can be easily common for work and university or worn in leisure time. A men's shoulder bag is a true all-rounder! Our leather shoulder bags are not only practical, but also versatile.

 You can combine leather shoulder bags with almost any outfit. It doesn't matter whether you go for a casual outfit with jeans and a t-shirt or a more elegant style with a suit.

Styles of shoulder bags factory

There is no better material for men's shoulder bags than leather, because this natural material is robust and durable. Our Bag factory gives your outfit the perfect touch! There are many different styles of shoulder bags, so the question inevitably arises whether you place more value on the appearance of your shoulder bag or on the comfort and functionality.

We have small models that can be common as a leisure bag, models for partying at a festival, but also classic models for normal everyday life.


If you are looking for a bag for your everyday work, we recommend that you use a larger model. With a business bag, the most important thing is that you get your work materials, such as documents, laptop and folders, safely from A to B.



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