5 Reasons to Buy Neoprene Bag: Pros & Cons

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Neoprene Bag

Natural rubber is the material taken from the natural latex of the rubber tree - a milky liquid under the bark of the tree. Neoprene bag uses it Materials from natural rubber have high elasticity and are widely common in many different fields. Join Travel gear to find out more information about what natural rubber is in the article below.

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Neoprene bag and natural bag

Neoprene bags are comes of natural rubber. Natural rubber is a material produced directly from the latex of rubber trees belonging to the Polyterpenoid group. Natural rubber has undergone a long history of formation and development.

Beginning in the 16th century in South America, people began to plant trees and began to make formulas to turn latex from liquid to block form and take advantage of the inherent properties to make it more elastic.

Neoprene bag production process

The production process of neoprene bag’s natural rubber is relatively meticulous and goes through many different stages. If you do not know what rubber is, here are the most common stages: Receiving and processing raw materials. Assessing the high quality of latex and then harvesting, selecting, and storing.

Then proceeding to a dry place. After that, the latex will classify to begin the transition to another stage. Mechanical processing is one of the important steps by putting the latex on the conveyor belt. And mechanically moving it through the rolling machine to easily shrink the size of the latex block.

Neoprene bag and its latex layer

 Once the product is of smaller size to the size required, divide the blocks, latex and remove impurities. The latex layer for neoprene bag will come into the combined shredder to convert and shred into a porous form instead of the original large block compared to the usual.

Heat processing procedure in neoprene bag

 Heat processing is rubber granules will arrange in drying drums to increase the pressure to generate heat and help increase the porosity and volume of natural rubber. The heat processing cools thoroughly before being put into the press.

 It is common to use fixed natural rubber formulations during heat processing to ensure the durability of the finished product.

 Weighing and pressing materials into bags and preserving. This is the final stage for making neoprene bag in the natural rubber production process to create finished natural rubber products. The weights of latex will be put into the press and then put into PE bags for preservation.

Pros & Cons of neoprene bag

Natural rubber is a material from nature and has undergone processing, fabrication, and heat treatment processes to create finished products. You can refer to the advantages/disadvantages of this material through the next section of the article for the best way to preserve rubber utensils.

Advantages of neoprene bag

Listed below are some of the advantages of neoprene bag.

1-Outstanding elasticity; neoprene bag

This is one of the obvious advantages of natural rubber, and thanks to this advantage, they are also highly applicable. In which, natural rubber is 9 times more elastic and after stretching, they are still quickly returned to their original shape.

Neoprene Bag 2021

2-Elasticity of neoprene bags

Thanks to the outstanding elasticity, rubber products always ensure high durability over time. Safe and environmentally friendly, with natural materials. The safety features of natural rubber are also guaranteed. Materials comes from natural rubber ensure safety, environmental friendliness, and human health

3-Compositional edge; neoprene bag

To have this advantage is in terms of structure and structure of rubber because the rubber molecules are always in motion, pulling each other to form molecular chain. And when there is no stretch or force. Any movement neoprene bag will quickly return to their original shape.

4- High durability of neoprene bag

High durability: As you all know when learning about the advantages of natural rubber, something is high durability, elastic properties, and the ability to return to its original state, not easily deformed during use.

Most of the products comes from natural rubber have a durability of up to decades, which has been verified through the actual experiences of users. If you need looking for product lines and materials with high durability, then natural young rubber is considered the right choice


5- Antibacterial ability and neoprene

 A little-known advantage of neoprene bag is important. Material is its antibacterial ability. This advantage is inherent in natural young rubber latex and undergoes heat processing and production processes with many different stages, the antibacterial properties of natural rubber lines are enhanced and improved.

Products especially, the antibacterial advantages of natural rubber are very popular in the production process of baby product lines, products and utensils directly related to children's skin and respiratory system. Using mineral materials from natural rubber is also one of the effective solutions to help limit the attack of viruses or bacteria outside that affect your health.

Disadvantages of Neoprene bag

Disadvantages of neoprene bag besides the obvious advantages such as good elasticity, high durability, good antibacterial ability when making finished products for daily use, natural rubber still has certain disadvantages. The extraction and harvesting process also takes more time and effort.

Higher cost than artificial rubber. These compared with products comes from artificial rubber or young rubber, natural rubber has a higher cost.

How the higher cost of natural rubber is also an inevitable rule?

 Therefore, the higher cost of natural rubber is also an inevitable rule. If you want to buy rubber products (neoprene bag) at a more affordable price, you can refer to the lines of artificial rubber or young rubber, which are also relatively suitable and are a somewhat quality and similar alternative. in terms of advantages and features.

 The production process of bag manufacturing is not thorough: In terms of the production process of natural rubber, it is still a controversial issue, because many factories in the rubber production process can pollute the environment, which affects the greenhouse effect.

Why to choose neoprene bag over others?

The safety is better than other artificial materials. The main components of natural rubber comes from the latex on the tree and do not contain harmful chemicals or additives. These are then utilized in the manufacturing of bags on commercial scale.

Choose products like neoprene bag comes from natural rubber are common directly with the skin or respiratory system, so they are very popular because of their safety and benignity. The properties of natural rubber are therefore favored.



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